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Review: Plant-Powered Canadian Skincare by Graydon

At a recent meet-and-greet, I had the opportunity meet Graydon Moffatt, founder of Graydon Clinical Luxury, the Toronto-based natural skincare brand.

Graydon recently became EWG verified, which is an international rating system ranking the transparency, ingredients, and ethical practices of a brand or product.  Ranked criteria includes qualities like not using harmful ingredients, disclosure of ingredients, good manufacturing practices, and more.

The appeal to me for using natural skincare and beauty products is because the ingredients are more simple, with less ‘filler’ ingredients that are not necessary to put into your skin.  I don’t have particularly sensitive skin, but I also think that there would be less risk for any sort of discomfort or reaction when it comes to using natural skincare products.

After the event, we were gifted three Graydon best-sellers from Kiss and Make Up.  Here are my thoughts:

Graydon Keto Cleanser 

My makeup, and the dirt and grime accumulated on my skin through the day, feels like it’s being melted away with Graydon’s Keto Cleanser.  This coconut-oil based pre-cleanse product follows the cleansing principle of “like dissolving like” by using an oil-based cleanser to attract the excess oils that builds up on our skin and clogs our pores.  Our skin naturally produces an oil called sebum, and using a natural oil-based cleanser ensures that we don’t strip our skin of its natural properties.   All you need is an eyedropper full to apply to a dry face, then massage it in and wipe off with a moist cotton pad.  Some of the cleanser gets absorbed into the skin, keeping it soft and moisturized.   The coconut smell is so yummy, but not in a fake or artificial way.  The eyedropper dispenser also helps you ration the product, and ensures you’re using a consistent amount every time.

The Graydon Keto Cleanser is available for $25 at Kiss and Make Up.

Graydon The Green Cream

In general, I find that the packaging of Graydon products is simple, neutral, and no-fuss, and therefore, appealing to both men and women.  The Green Cream is the product I share with my boyfriend and the majority of infused ingredients come from “green” plants like broccoli, avocado, aloe and chlorophyll.  As my boyfriend says, it’s like “putting a tree on your face”. There’s no SPF in the product, so I use it as a night cream.  I like the velvety texture my skin feels like after applying The Green Cream.  A little goes a long way, so even though the 50ml bottle seems small, the pump dispenser rations the cream well.

The Graydon Green Cream is available for $35 at Kiss and Make Up.

Graydon All-Over Elixir Oil

This is a very versatile product. Sometimes I’m wary of using oil-based moisturizers because I think it’s greasy or takes too long to absorb. But this particular product is fast absorbing and lightweight.  The Vitamin E oil helps with moisturizing, and the lavender and chamomile oil is good for relaxation.  Although I like the product, I didn’t find it unique.  If you were to only pick one product from the Graydon Collection to try, I’d go with the Keto Cleanser or Green Cream.

The Graydon All-Over Elixir Oil is available for $35 at Kiss and Make Up.


For more information about Graydon skincare products, visit, or try them out in-store at Kiss and Makeup at 1791 Manitoba Street in Olympic Village.




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