EVENT: Aslan Chai Tea Bar Pops Up in Chinatown (Oct 28 to Nov 3)

Aslan Chai is a Vancouver-based tea brand which focuses only on one type of tea: Chai.

Not being satisfied with the typical syrup and powder-based mixes for Chai Tea, founder Aslan Amini made his own authentic version of masala chai and made sure to prepare it traditionally: in a pot. His goal was a perfect balance of sweet and spice and after serving the first few batches at cafes and in local markets, it took on a new destiny. Fans inquired about the mix for home use and that’s when Aslan Chai was born.

The Aslan Spicy Chai is made of a dry blend of cinnamon, cardamom, fennel, black pepper, brown sugar and green tea, and you can taste it for yourself at Vancouver’s first pop-up Chai Bar, coming to Chinatown from October 28 to November 3 at 434 Columbia Street.

Testing out a Vancouver cafe concept which focuses only on Chai Tea, Aslan Chai will showcase its fan favourite, Spicy Chai, as well as limited time offerings such as Pumpkin Spice and Cocoa Chai with pairings of chai flavoured baked goods.  All Aslan Chai varieties are ground from whole spices and made with no powder and no syrup.

Can’t make it to the pop-up?  Aslan Chai is also served or retailed at: Be Fresh Local Market, The Capilano Tea House, CrackleCreme, Kahve & Chai, Lore General Store, Nourish Market, Organic Acres and Republica Coffee Roasters.

For more information, visit: aslanchai.com.


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