Five Classic Cocktails to Help You Celebrate the Last Days of Summer

As the weather in Vancouver promises to deliver yet more delicious doses of sunshine and heat, we thought we’d help you celebrate the warmth by providing a list of cocktails that are a failsafe way to refresh yourself whether you’re at the beach or in the casino!

Classic Margarita

Any cocktail fan knows that the classic margarita is the best way to stay refreshed whilst adding the party spirit in the summer months. This iconic Mexican cocktail is made up of tequila, lime and Curaçao Triple Sec and is the perfect accompaniment to enjoying a particularly tasty enchilada – just don’t forget the salt around the rim of your margarita glass!

Vesper Martini

Of course, there are times where we need to raise the style stakes a little. And for that James Bond-esque flair, then the Vesper Martini – gin, vodka and Kina Lillet – is a great place to start. Not only is the Vesper Martini best served ice-cold, but it also adds an extra level of glamour to a few hands of poker which can be found at many online gaming sites like Lucky Nugget who cater for their casino audience with a suitably stylish twist!

Basil Grande

For a concoction that makes the most of the summer fruits, then check out the Basil Grande. With a smattering of strawberries, basil, cranberry juice and plenty of raspberry liquor and Grand Marnier, it’ll undoubtedly add an extra level of fun to your summer evening, whilst providing you with an extra dose of that all-important vitamin C!

Hemingway Daiquiri

Whilst the classic daiquiri usually features lime, the Hemingway Daiquiri offers a great twist on the traditional recipe by featuring grapefruit. This was a big hit with the famous writer, Ernest Hemingway, who became such a fan of the cocktail during his time in Cuba that he usually ended up ordering a double!

Mint Julep

And finally we saved the best for last, as nothing conjures up the feeling of those long lazy summer evenings better than a mint julep. Originating in the Deep South in the 18th century, this bourbon-based cocktail has many variations, but our favourite has to be the simplest which pares the ingredient back to the basics of bourbon whiskey that’s aged well, sugar and mint. And although it’s traditionally associated with gambling at the Kentucky Derby, a good mint julep wouldn’t go amiss at the online casino either!


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