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Teeez Cosmetics Expands its Vibrant Beauty to Canada

Established in 2004, Teeez is a European make-up brand, known for its fun and unconventional edge.  Newly available in Canada exclusively at Hudson’s Bay, Teeez fuses art, fashion and beauty, with high-quality and cruelty-free beauty products.

Inspired by global runway trends, Teeez releases four new fashion-inspired collections every year.  The four current in-market collections are: Sugar Rush, Desert Glow, La Isla Chic and Beloved Skin.  The chic and vibrant packaging on these products are a style statement in themselves: a reflective gold sphere housing the Spectrum of Stars eyeshadow, an orange-on-gold motif on the Cloud Nine eyeliner and a floral-on-clear Desert Glow lipstick lid.

These gorgeous graphics are signature works of art which encourage self-expression.  According to Teeez, “Our passion is to continuously surprise and seduce consumers with a new kind of beauty seen in truly original designs that make a distinctive fashion statement.

From Teeez’s first batch of now-available-in-Canada products, Modern Mix Vancouver had the opportunity to test out the Spectrum of Stars Eye Shadow in Vanilla Sunbeam ($24), Cloud Nine Eyeliner in Bronzed Glaze ($24) and Eve’s Ready to Wear Lipstick in Pretty in Pink ($24). Despite the vibrant and wacky packaging, the cosmetic hues I tried out were actually quite conservative, leaning towards sheer, nude and bronze shades.

The Eve’s Ready to Wear Lipstick looks opaque in the photo above, but it’s actually fairly sheer, like a tinted lip balm, rather than a highly pigmented lipstick.  Wild mango is one of the ingredients, which will help nourish, hydrate and repair dry lips.  The Cloud Nine Eyeliner, with its ultra-slim paintbrush, is made up of light-reflecting liquid metallic shades that are silicon-free and paraben-free.  Finally, the Spectrum of Stars Eyeshadow has Argan Oil as an ingredient, which makes for a velvety-smooth formula with anti-aging properties to moisturize your eyelids.

For more information, or to try out Teeez Cosmetics for yourself, visit Hudson’s Bay.


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    1. Hi Lana, thanks for your comment. This post was intended to be an introduction to the Teeez brand to Canadians who may not have heard of it before. I did try out all the products in the photo before I wrote the post – if you have any questions about my opinion on a specific product, I’d be happy to share!

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