Foam Lake Saskatchewan

MMVxTravel: Vancouver City Girl in the Saskatchewan Prairies

For the long weekend, I was invited to a family reunion for my boyfriend’s side of the family in Foam Lake, Saskatchewan!  Like most family reunions, this wasn’t a weekend of sightseeing or tourism activities, just some good, wholesome fun like hanging out on the family farm, eating hearty and delicious home-cooked meals, browsing through family photos (and looking at a family tree that dates back to the 1500’s!), playing board games, and catching up on a good book.

Admittedly, small-town Saskatchewan isn’t the most exciting weekend getaway destination.  But when we had the chance to take a walk outside, it really was quite stunning for a city girl to see the expansive blue skies, and flat, Canadian land for as far as the eye can see.

Surprisingly, most Vancouverites I’ve encountered, have never been to this part of Canada- this was my first visit too!  Here are some photos from my weekend in the Prairies:

Foam Lake Saskatchewan 3
Railway Crossing Sign
Foam Lake Saskatchewan
Foam Lake, Saskatchewan. Population: 1,190.
foam lake Saskatchewan Water Park
Foam Lake Water Park with Foam Lake Water Tower in the background
Foam Lake Saskatchewan Railway Tracks
Hopping Across the Tracks of the Canadian Pacific Railway
Foam Lake Saskatchewan
Bales of hay on the side of the road

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