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The Juice Box: Organic Cold-Pressed Juice Delivery Service

The Juice Box is a 100% organic juice company, an offshoot of the Vancouver-based grocery delivery service spud.ca (or “cultivated by Spud” as they say on their website).  Despite my last not-so-great experience with a Vancouver-based juice cleanse company, it hasn’t deterred my love of juice in general.

So when I discovered that The Juice Box offers a weekly juice delivery service, I thought it was a fantastic way to get a regular dose of nutrition into your body, without committing to something intense like a juice cleanse.

How does it work?

Beginning at $200/month, The Juice Box juice subscription is available in deliveries of 6, 8 or 10 juices per week, for a total of 4 weeks, with delivery included in the price of the subscription.  You can pick your weekly juice and/or nutmylk flavours, and, as an option, can switch up the flavours each week (this has to be done over the phone – there’s no option to switch up your weekly flavours online).

The Juice Box Juice & Nut Mylk Flavours:

Here are some of the 100% organic juices and nutmylks I have tried over the course of my month-long subscription.  I’ll keep adding to this list as I try more juices:

  • Light Green – Easy drinking.  Ingredients are: apple, cucumber, celery, kale, parsley, lemon and ginger.  In fact, when I juiced at home (before my juicer broke), these were exactly the ingredients I put into my favourite green juice.
  • Deep Green with Lemon – Similar ingredients to the “Light Green” juice, but using cucumber instead of apple, so you lose the sweetness from the apple.
  • Tumeric – A bright yellow juice anti-inflammatory and strong anti-oxidant, which is also very high in iron.  According to the nutrition label, one 250ml serving provides you with 70% daily value of iron.
  • Apple Fennel Cucumber – Strong taste of fennel, paired with the sweetness of apple.  Make sure you like the taste of fennel (which tastes like anise, which tastes like licorice) if you order this juice.
  • The Beat – Not super-earthy like some of the beet juices I have had, sweetness is from the apple.  Watch out, the red of this juice can stain if you spill or splash on light-coloured clothing.
  • Almond Cafe – I like having this almond nutmylk in the mornings, as there is some cold-brewed coffee in the mix.  Caffeine amount is not listed in the nutritional information.

Each juice or nutmylk is 414 ml, and can easily be shared between two people.  Pro-tip: if you prefer sweeter juices, look for apple in the ingredients.

The Juice Box Juice Subscription Pricing:

6 juices/week for a month is $200 (price per juice: $8.33), 8 juices/week for a month is $270 (price per juice: $8.43) and 10 juices/week for a month is $340 (price per juice: $8.50). For whatever reason, if you order the fewest amount of juices per week, the price per juice is actually cheaper than if you order more.  Don’t most businesses offer a better price per unit for ordering more?  Maybe they were trying to find round numbers to use in the monthly pricing?

the juice box the beat light green almond cafe

For more information on The Juice Box, and to try out their juices (whether it’s individually, in a juice subscription, or a juice cleanse), visit: thejuicebox.ca.  The Juice Box juices and nut mylks are also stocked at select grocery stores in the Lower Mainland, including BeFresh (Bentall, YMCA and Kitsilano), Beaucoup Bakery, and Greens Organic Grocer (W. Broadway).


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