Vancouver Designer Spotlight: Sugar Blossom Jewelry

Kelli Miller, the owner of Sugar Blossom has always had an eye for fashion that she now brings into her jewelry making. Her modeling career has influenced her brand and her seasonal photo-shoots showcase not only the beauty of her jewelry but also her talent as a stylist.

Sugar Blossom uses fabrics, brass and stainless steel to create bracelets and necklaces that are both romantic and fun. Kelli’s hobby became a passionate business idea when more and more people stopped her on the street to ask her where she had bought her jewelry, she even had a women once ask to buy a bracelet off her wrist.

Each charm that adorns her bracelets and necklaces are hand drawn, designed and then casted, there are no stock charms only handmade loveliness. Kelli shares with Modern Mix Vancouver, the heart behind her brand and the uniqueness behind each piece.  

Why did you start hand-making jewelry?

As long as I can remember I’ve always had a fascination with jewelry and fashion.  I remember being around 9 years old and getting my mom to show me how to take apart old necklaces because I wanted to create something new and fabulous with them!  By 13 I entered the word of fashion and begun modeling and then traveling overseas to model for my summer holidays. It was after high school that I continued to design jewellery as a hobby during my time at Ryerson University in Toronto while I was studying Fashion.  I turned my hobby into a business when I decided to move with my Husband to the U.S, I didn’t want to move without a job.  Now that we’re back in Winnipeg, I’ve been able to real focus on Sugar Blossom and it has been a year and a half since I’ve turned my hobby into a full time business.

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Tell us about your photoshoots?

Every season I love to do a new shoot for my website.  I worked as a fashion stylist for years, so styling the shoots is second nature to me.  I team up with lots of talented people in Winnipeg to help make my vision a reality!  I work really closely with a photographer named Simply Rosie, who is always on the same page as me in terms of the look I’m going for.  I always try and keep the shoots, light, fun, and beautiful! I like adding quirky elements to the shoots to make them less serious and little more fun, kind of like my jewelry!

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What makes your bracelets special?

Each one of my bracelets is handmade here in Canada.  A lot of love and time goes into each one!  I love mixing mediums when making jewelry and adding pops of color. I also design all the charms in my collection so they are all unique to my line.  The idea behind my bracelets is to wear them stacked — so it’s fun to pick a color family and stack them up or just mix and match!  Online I also offer my Love Letter Charms where I hand stamp a heart charm with an initial and add it to any bracelet, to personalize each piece.

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Tell us about the metal that you work with?

I use brass and stainless steel metals in all of my jewelry. When I receive the brass chain I hand polish it and then I coat the chain in a clear protective layer to keep it shiny for as long as possible. I then cut the chain to the sizes I need, add hardware to them, and then add fabric and charms to make them unique.

Sugar Blossom Jewelry 2

What can fans of your jewelry expect to see in future collections?

I’ll be making a limited number of special jewelry pieces for Valentine’s Day, in more reds and pink, and course with lots of hearts!  Also in the Spring I’ll have new friendship bracelet colors, and new charms to add to your bracelets!

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Words to live by?

“All the effort in the world won’t matter if you’re not inspired.” -Chuck Palahniuk

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Meet Kelli and other alternative jewelry designers and let her help you style a set of bracelets at the Make It! Vancouver Show from December 3 – 6th.

By: Audrey Joy Kwan, MMV Contributor 


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