How to Have a Happy Holiday With Your Dog

As our dogs are part of the family, it’s natural for us to want to include them in all our holiday festivities.  However, we need to remember that dogs aren’t human, and holiday activities we enjoy (like busy holiday gatherings in the home) may actually stress out our pets.  With the help of Harrison Forbes, Celebrity Pet Expert, Modern Mix Vancouver has put together a list of reminders on how to make sure your dog will enjoy the holiday season as much as you will:

Be Aware of Your Pet’s Personality

Just like humans, some pets enjoy company more than others. If your pet shows signs of stress or becomes anxious when there are a lot of people (or other animals) in his home, try to avoid having large parties. Instead, why not meet friends for a brisk, wintery walk outside or visit a Christmas market together? You will all have more fun if your pet is at ease.

If you do want to host a holiday party in your home, find a trusted friend or neighbour who can pet-sit for you while you’re entertaining.  During the party, you can also keep your dog in a quieter area where your dog is less likely to be disturbed, for example, your bedroom.

Get Ready For Guests

No matter how careful you are about accommodating your pet’s needs, the holidays are a social season, and guests are a given. If you are having an evening of festivities, prepare your pet by spending some time tuckering him out earlier in the day. An afternoon at the dog park or structured play (like practicing sit, down or stay during a walk) will help to tire him out both physically and mentally, so he’ll be less likely to get overexcited when the new faces appear.

My dog Teddy Bear loves having people around, but the excitement tires him out, so he usually ends up peacefully passing out in his crate before the night is over.

Prepare a Pet Menu

It’s hard to avoid those puppy eyes begging for a taste of your roast beef or turkey at the dinner table.  It can be tempting to let your pet “clean the plates” while you’re loading the dishwasher, but these kind of indulgences will only derail a healthy diet, and might even make your pet sick. If you’re worried about leaving your pet out of the festive fun, try to give him his own special holiday treat. PC® Nutrition First makes it easy for your pet to enjoy the same delicious, nutritious ingredients you do. While you’re enjoying a full turkey roast, let your dog chow down on his version of a holiday treat: a PC® Nutrition First Turkey with Fruit and Vegetable Biscuits.

Pick a Pet Present

If you want to include your furry friend in the gift-giving fun, try picking a present that is fun for him and practical for you. Choose products like PC® Nutrition First Chicken & Cranberry Biscuits, which have a fun holiday feel – plus they’re great for your dog’s dental hygiene.

ready for christmas. #littletreebigpresents 

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This post was written in partnership with the President’s Choice Nutrition First team.


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