Cycle While You Work with BC Hydro’s Smart Cycle

For the working Vancouverite with a 9 to 5 office job, we spend way too much time at our desks, hunched over our computers, and don’t even have a moment in our busy work days to take a walk or stretch. BC Hydro wants to help us stay active during our workday, without disrupting our schedules. How? By bringing a pedal powered workstation to BC, which turns human kinetic energy into usable power.

The round, pedal-powered hightop work station seats three, with bicycle pedals embedded into the base of the table. Like gears on a bike, the resistance of your pedaling can be set to a preferred level between 0 to 20. The more you pedal, the more green energy you generate for charging your essential electronic devices like phones and tablets.

Similar to taking a spin class in Vancouver, an app interface provides your speed, distance, energy created and charging status of their device. Depending on the speed of your pedaling, the battery can be fully charged in as quickly as one hour. And of course, if you want to ‘pay it forward’, you can cycle and store the energy for others to use later on.

Want to try the pedal-powered work station for yourself? BC Hydro’s Smart Cycle will be at the upcoming Vancouver Home + Design show from October 22 to 25, at the Vancouver Convention Centre West.

In addition to checking out the Smart Cycle, BC Hydro wants to give you the chance to win prizes through their Offtober SAVERS KEEPERS game. You could win the Grand Prize of a Samsung ENERGY STAR® laundry pair and a 4K Ultra High-Def Smart TV and wireless Bluetooth Soundbar. There are also daily prizes to be won of $100 Best Buy gift cards and Philips Hue Portable LED Smart Lights, all courtesy of Best Buy.

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This post was written in partnership with BC Hydro.


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