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Top 10 Tips for Fighting the Look of Fatigue this Fall

Just like how our brain and body can be physically or mentally fatigued, our skin (the body’s largest organ) can react in the same way if we aren’t properly protecting or nourishing it.   Here are Modern Mix Vancouver’s top ten tips to keep in mind as you combat the look of fatigued skin this fall:

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration can make your skin look more dry or wrinkled. Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day to combat dry skin. If plain water gets boring, consider adding in a handful of fresh mint or lemon to add some flavour.

Cleanse Well

Pollution from traffic and other fumes cause dryness, irritation and damages your skin at the cellular level. Stick to high quality cleansing products and a regular cleansing routine, which helps remove dirt, dead skin cells and bacteria.

Exfoliate Regularly

A gentle exfoliator twice a week will help clear away dead skin cells. Make sure you pick a gentle exfoliant otherwise your face will feel like it has been scrubbed with sandpaper!

Moisturize Daily

Lock moisture in your skin by using a good hydrating moisturizer cream. . In addition to helping repair the skin’s moisture barrier, this product relieves irritation and inflammation and improves radiance and texture. You’ll be glowing in no time!

Reduce Dark Eye Circles

Reduce dark eye circles with an eye repair cream formulated to brighten, tighten and restores moisture around the delicate eye area, such as the Riversol Tplus Eye Repair Cream. After regular usage, the skin around your eyes will look brighter and more youthful.

Quick Make-Up Fix

For an instant quick fix against the look of fatigue, dab concealer under the eyes, and dot highlighter on the inside corner of the eyes. This’ll instantly brighten your look.

Protect Against UV Rays

UV light will degrade your skin’s elasticity and if you expose yourself too frequently, you’ll add years to your face through sunspots and pigmentation. Even on cloudy fall days, UV rays still shine through the clouds. Protect your skin against damaging UV rays by wearing an SPF sunscreen year round, and wear a hat to avoid direct sun exposure.


After a quick workout, colour often flushes your face, giving you the appearance of a natural, healthy blush.

Avoid Stress

When we are mentally strained, it shows on our skin, like getting an acne breakout. To avoid stress be sure to get a good sleep and practise good time management, or partake in yoga or meditation to facilitate for relaxation.

Quit Smoking

Smoking compromises circulation, and as the body’s largest organ, the skin needs all the oxygen-rich blood it can get.

By keeping these ten tips in mind, your skin will look refreshed again in no time!


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