Sea flora Products at Semiahmoo Spa

Seaflora Skincare: Harvesting the Healing Properties of Wild Organic Seaweed

Modern Mix Vancouver recently hopped over the border to Semiahmoo Resort in Blaine, Washington for a weekend getaway and had the opportunity to experience ‘The Spa at Semiahmoo’.

On our tour of the spa facilities, we were introduced to a skincare line called Seaflora, which is a BC-based wild organic seaweed skincare line. Intrigued by the healing properties of seaweed, and the Westcoast origins of the Seaflora line, we did a bit of digging into what this ingredient is all about.

Turns out, seaweed has been used for its therapeutic properties for centuries. Thalassotherapy is a term derived from the Greek word meaning ‘sea’ or ‘ocean’. Traditionally, it is the use of ocean water, seaweed, ocean mud and marine minerals to treat ailments. Thalassotherapy treatments enable the body to replenish, re-mineralize and revitalize to enhance good health and offer relaxation for mind, body and soul.

Specifically with Seaflora, the company only incorporates whole, wild, raw seaweeds into the product line, a standard that no other company in the world delivers.  This applies to every product in the Seaflora portfolio, including the Wild Rockweed Exfoliant, Seaweed Body Gel, Wild Sea Kep Body Lotion, Sea Kelp Facial Moisturizer, Seaweed Serum and more. No parabens, no mineral oil, no petroleums, no mercury, no tars and no formaldehyde are used in its products and ingredients are never tested on animals.

In addition to a commitment to ingredients used in their skincare line, Seaflora also has a plethora of sustainable practices in hand-harvesting the seaweed they use:

  • All seaweeds are hand-harvested in a practiced sustainable methodology, which allows the seaweeds to continue to grow and thrive.
  • Seaweed is hand harvested from pristine coastlines, and travel by foot reduce the impact on local beaches.
  • Little or no carbon emissions are produced when harvesting by hand.
  • When the Seaflora team works from boats all engines are the most efficient on the market, to reduce carbon emissions.

Seaflora products are available online at  A percentage of Seaflora sales support non-profit marine protection societies.  In Vancouver, their products are available at spa’s and wellness enters including: CHI, The Spa at Shangri-La Hotel in Downtown Vancouver, Selfology Spa in South Granville and Spruce Body Lab in Yaletown.


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