taste of yaletown 2015

Taste of Yaletown 2015 – 11th Annual Dining Event (Oct 15 – 29)

The Yaletown Business Improvement Association (YBIA) is excited to announce the 11th annual Taste of Yaletown, a two week dining event showcasing unique dishes from 26 restaurants in the neighbourhood. This year’s popular dining event will run from October 15 – 29th, and showcase creativity and diversity from chefs in their menu combinations, which will be offered at set prices of $25, $35, $45.

Whether diners want to experience Yaletown’s staple restaurants venues, new eateries or diverse cultural offerings, the Taste of Yaletown event is the perfect time to celebrate and savour one of Vancouver’s most premiere dining scenes. Organizers expect to see a diverse and exciting offering, with specific emphasis on local and seasonal ingredients.

“Yaletown is home to some of the city’s best chefs, many of whom view Taste of Yaletown as a time to showcase their creativity. We’re excited by some of the new restaurants in the area this year and are looking forward to seeing what the chefs are going to serve up this year for their exclusive Taste of Yaletown menus” -Annette O’Shea, Executive Director, Yaletown Business Improvement Association.

From delicious French tapas, mouth watering Italian dishes, creative Japanese cuisine or fine wine pairings and local craft beer selections – the two week dining event will tantalize the tastes buds of a wide variety of cultures and foodie preferences. Participating restaurants will have the freedom to design their Taste of Yaletown menus to fit the fixed tiered pricing in different ways, meaning guests walk away experiencing featured menus, special tastings and innovative food/beverage pairings.

26 Participating Restaurants for Taste of Yaletown 2015

  1. Bistro Sakana
  2. Brix & Mortar
  3. Cactus Club Café
  4. Central City on Beatty St
  5. DD Mau
  6. The Distillery Bar + Kitchen
  7. Hamilton Street Grill
  8. Hapa Izakaya
  9. Honjin Sushi
  10. Hub Yaletown
  11. Hurricane Grill
  12. La Pentola
  13. Lime and Moon Pie Company
  14. Milestones
  15. Minami Restaurant
  16. New Oxford Public House
  17. The Parlour
  18. Provence Marinaside
  19. Romer’s
  20. Simply Thai
  21. Sushi Maro
  22. Urban Thai Bistro
  23. West Oak
  24. Yaletown Brewing Company
  25. Yaletown L’antipasto
  26. Zend Conscious Lounge

This year’s Taste of Yaletown will focus on the community impact in Yaletown with a portion of proceeds going to The Greater Vancouver Food Bank. The community connection is evident in Yaletown with the continued growth and success of Taste of Yaletown over 11 years.

Please visit yaletowninfo.com for menu details from each restaurant and join the conversation online using the official Taste of Yaletown hashtag: #TOY2015.


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