Vancouver Pest Control

Vancouver offers the unique pest issues that come with large urban centres, and is home to a variety of rodents such as mice and rats and insects such as bed bugs, carpenter ants and chafer beetles. A common problem for homeowners is carpenter ants. Carpenter ants prefer wet, dead wood to build their nests in. Unlike termites, carpenter ants don’t eat the wood, they hollowout large sections of wood, affecting the structure of your home.

Commercial locations face different challenges such as nuisance birds. They are prevalent in the urban environment and bring a risk of disease as well as the damage the dropping cause along with the odours they bring. The food service industry’s pest problems lie with cockroaches, both the American strain and the tiny German roach.

Poulin’s Vancouver, focus on being proactive and looks for the issues that support pest survival and address these with you. We will thoroughly do an inspection and customize a suitable program for your pest control needs.

Our Vancouver office provides pest control services to Vancouver as well as Burnaby, Westminster, Delta, Langley and Richmond.

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