Blueberries in Perfect Taste at Onnink’s Blueberry Farm in Abbotsford

As part of Modern Mix Vancouver’s pursuit in finding out more about Fraser Valley attractions, we’d like to introduce our readers to Onnink’s Organic Blueberry Farm in Abbotsford.

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Since 1980, the family-owned Onnink’s Blueberry Farm has been commited to providing high-quality blueberries for locals and visitors coming to see this Fraser Vallery attraction.  With the motto of “Always in Perfect Taste“, Onnink’s partakes in organic practices, are FoodSafe certified, and have an impeccably clean sorting room.  There are currently seven varieties of organic blueberries grown at Onnink’s.

Once the berries are picked, Onnink’s uses a high-tech computerized sorting machine which scans each berry for firmness, colour, size, shape, and aesthetic defects. Once through the computer, their team inspects and sorts them again by hand so you’re only left with the best of the best, both in taste and that perfect visual appeal.

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Yet nothing goes wasted, the high-quality organic blueberry remnants go towards making other blueberry products including chocolate truffles and a blueberry coffee.

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onnicks blueberry farm abbotsford truffles

Their best-selling product is a blueberry iced tea which is sold in a wine bottle, and has the same colour and red-wine. The blueberry iced tea from Onnink’s Farm is made with organic blueberries with nothing artificial.  It’s sweetened with honey from the farm.  In fact, because of Onnink’s organic practices and sustainable farming methods, they have one of the highest bee counts in the Fraser Valley.  At $6.95 per bottle, the blueberry iced tea makes an affordable yet well-presented hostess gift, and is a great non-alcoholic option for your next dinner party.

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By the way, here’s something us city gals can definitely relate to: Onnink’s high quality blueberries are used by LUSH cosmetics in their fresh “Catastrophe” face mask.

As you can see, Onnink’s Blueberry Farm is your one-stop shop for everything related to blueberries, always in perfect taste.  Visit them online at: or in person at 30151 Downes Rd in Abbotsford, BC.

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Photo Credit: Christopher James Guy Photography


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