Embossed Metallic Pouches: "Sparkle" ($22) / Dazzle ($19) / Shine ($16)

Christmas in August: Indigo Holiday 2015 Media Preview

As a Vancouver lifestyle blogger, it always feels so strange to write about the Christmas season, when you’re still sweating through summer.  Unlike traditional media like magazines or newspapers, we typically don’t plan months in advance for upcoming articles.  Nonetheless, it’s still a blast every August to get a sneak peek of what Indigo will be offering in stores for its customers in the upcoming months.  And, because we don’t have the patience to wait, we want to share our holiday discoveries with Modern Mix Vancouver readers ASAP.

The annual Indigo holiday preview can be likened to stepping inside a holiday catalogue.  Two rooms in the Loden Hotel’s penthouse suite was transformed into a holiday wonderland (complete with Christmas trees), and displayed with Indigo lifestyle items, from notebooks to scarves.  This season will be Indigo’s biggest fashion push to date, beginning with the JENNY BIRD “Modern Pearl” capsule collection, which is already available to the public.

Here are some of our favourite 2015 holiday items from Indigo:

Jenny Bird x Indigo Capsule Collection ($29 - $98)
Jenny Bird x Indigo Capsule Collection ($29 – $98)
Embossed Metallic Pouches: "Sparkle" ($22) / Dazzle ($19) / Shine ($16)
Embossed Metallic Pouch: “Sparkle” ($22) / Dazzle ($19) / Shine ($16) / Watercolor Boxed Cards ($14.95)
Indigo Holiday 2015: Faux Shearling Backpack ($69.50) / 18 x 18 Gold Deer Pillow Cover ($39.50)
Faux Shearling Backpack ($69.50) / 18 x 18 Gold Deer Pillow Cover ($39.50)
Cozy Sleep Mask ($18)
Cozy Sleep Mask ($18)
indigo holiday 2015 warm bottles
Hot Water Bottle ($24.50)
indigo holiday 2015 hemingway collection
12 x 21 Hemingway Pillow Cover ($34.50) / Hemingway Mug ($14.00) / Hemingway Coil Bound Notebook ($8.95)
Indigo Hemingway Collection Jewellery Tray ($22)
Hemingway Collection Jewellery Tray ($22)
indigo holiday 2015 hardcover notebooks Embossed Journal ($24)
Embossed Journal ($24)

The 2015 holiday collection will be launching at Indigo in-stores and online in early October, with the exception of the JENNY BIRD capsule collection which is already available online.


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