Canadian Jewelry Brand JENNY BIRD Launches “Modern Pearl” Collection at Indigo

Canadian jewelry designer JENNY BIRD and Indigo have collaborated on an exclusive capsule collection which is now available at beginning this week, and will soon also be available at the Granville x W. Broadway location of Indigo in Vancouver.  The Modern Pearl collection was designed with the feminine and fashionable Indigo shopper in mind, who is seeking the edgy, mixed-metals touch that the JENNY BIRD line is known for.

The Jenny Bird "Modern Pearl" Collection is Now Exclusively Available at Indigo.
The Jenny Bird “Modern Pearl” Collection is Now Exclusively Available at Indigo.

The 24-piece JENNY BIRD x Indigo collection is comprised of 14 different styles, incorporating pearls throughout, as well as Bird’s signature chains, with no piece over $100. The collection is modern, offering stylish earring crawlers, sleek structural collars, and mixed metals. The look is unique, without being over the top, and the pearls add a touch of femininity while the mixed metals offer an edgier style.  The $29 to $98 price point provides an opportunity for fashionable fans of JENNY BIRD to pick up limited edition pieces of her coveted jewels at affordable prices.

“I was given the inspiration of ‘a modern romantic’ from Indigo. It was such perfect timing with pearls having a moment in fashion jewelry, so I decided to explore blending my brand’s attitude with the sophistication of the pearl. The resulting pieces have this beautiful tension of edge and grace. I’m excited for bird girls across Canada to discover the pieces and make them their own and I’m thrilled that they can do that at such an accessible price point.” – Jenny Bird

The partnership between JENNY BIRD and Indigo is a natural fit as this fall marks Indigo’s biggest fashion push to date. For more information, and to start shopping, visit:



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