As Seen on Dragon’s Den: SoCIAL Lite Sugar Free and Natural Vodka Cooler

As seen on Dragon’s Den, SoCIAL Lite is a health-inspired canned alcoholic beverage, made with all natural ingredients, premium vodka, and contains no sugar.

social lite vodka

This Toronto-based start up believes that its consumers don’t need to compromise a healthy lifestyle in order to have a few drinks, and developed the only pre-mixed drink in the Canadian market which uses neither sugar nor sweetener.  The result is a light and refreshing beverage with only four ingredients (carbonated water, vodka, natural flavours, lemon or lime juice concentrate) and 80 calories per can.

SoCIAL is currently available in two flavours: Lime & Ginger and Lemon, Cucumber, & Mint. Modern Mix Vancouver had the opportunity to try both.  The taste is very “clean” – like you’re having a very, very diluted vodka soda, with a wedge of lime, a splash of cucumber water, or a sprig of mint.  At 4% alc / vol, you definitely don’t get the bitter, burning taste from drinking alcohol, it’s even lighter than your average beer.

If you’re someone who can’t handle alcohol, yet you still want a drink in hand at your next social gathering or house party, give SoCIAL Lite a try.  As this brand is just entering the BC market, it’s not something you’ll see at every liquor store (yet), but here are a few options in Vancouver which carry SoCIAL Lite:  Eldorado Liquor Store (2310 Kingsway), First Avenue Liquor Store (2800 E. 1st Ave), West Coast Liquor (6295 Fraser Street), Jimmys (425 Robson St.) and Liquor Depot (3415 Cambie St).

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