Just Because Vancouver wants to help plan your Ultimate Wedding Proposal

Over the years, proposals have evolved from one person in a relationship asking for the other’s hand in marriage to a bigger and more celebrated occasion, involving more logistics and planning, and frankly, more hype. They have become just one more opportunity to create memories through photos, videos, and the presence of friends and family. However, for a variety of different reasons, not everyone is able to plan the perfect wedding proposal by themselves. This is where Just Because Vancouver is hoping to help out.

Just Because Vancouver is a local wedding proposal planning company that specializes in wedding proposal planning and coming up with ideas for those out there who are ready to propose to their significant other but need creative advice on how to do so or just a couple pair of hands to help book venues, vendors, and execute on the big day when they pop the question. The company is establishing themselves as the one-stop shop for all wedding needs including engagement ring advice, film services and even custom suit providers for the groom and his groomsmen, all in preparation for your wedding day.

Though not everyone will need to rely on their services, Just Because Vancouver can be helpful to those who are new in town and haven’t been able to meet enough close friends to get proposal advice or help set up and prepare the proposal they had in mind. For career-driven individuals, Just Because Vancouver can lend a hand in ensuring all bases are covered and that nothing is missed or overlooked when planning the proposal, because they understand just how important every single detail is on the special day. Alternatively, maybe you have everything planned out in your head for the perfect wedding proposal idea, but just need help executing it. Just Because Vancouver can help you there too.

To show you what kind of work they can do for your wedding proposal, Just Because Vancouver has partnered up with some of the city’s trendiest businesses to hold The Ultimate Proposal Giveaway worth over $3,500. The contest winner will receive the following, in addition to their proposal plans and process being filmed all the way until the big day!

Click here to submit your entry and have a shot at winning the grand prize!  The Ultimate Proposal Giveaway is running now until Thursday, June 25 at 12:00am

To view photos of their work and to learn more about their team and the services they offer, visit Just Because Vancouver’s website.



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