Introducing “Sekkisei” Japanese Skincare Brand to Vancouver

Drawing its name from the Chinese character for ‘snow’, Sekkisei is a Japanese line of complexion brightening products inspired by the beauty, brightness and purity that snow represents. For more than two decades, Sekkisei products have combined centuries-old wisdom, the latest scientific research and a unique blend of Japanese and Chinese herbal extracts to create a skincare line.

Packaged in hexagonal bottles (reminiscent of the shape of a snowflake) the bold blue colour provides a striking contrast against the white Chinese characters for added brightness. Inside the bottle, each Sekkisei product features a fresh scent that calms and soothes. With a combination of modern floral rose and jasmine as top notes, products are also infused with chamomile roman oil for relaxing and healing benefits.

Chinese medicinal extracts including Coix Seed, Angelica and Melothria are all ingredients which are supposed to have brightening properties on your complexion.

Some product highlights include the Sekkisei Clear Cleansing Oil ($45) which reminds me of another Japanese brand’s cult product: the Cleaning Oil from Shu Uemera, but at half the price.  The Sekkisei Cream ($59) has the texture of a white cold cream, heavier than a gel but not greasy. Other products in the Sekkisei line includes the Clear Whitening Mask ($39) which is compounded with nano-sized black powder, and the Sekkisei Eye Cream ($69) which is formulated to lessen sun damage, diminish puffiness and increase moisture levels.

Considering that the Sekkisei line is all about brightness and purity, I am surprised that none of the moisturizing products offer SPF protection.  It would seem like a no-brainer to me to have a daydream with some sort of UV ray protection – but apparently not.

With 12 products that can be used on their own or as part of a holistic skincare regime for maximum benefit, each Sekkisei product works to hydrate, replenish and brighten skin.

Sekkisei products are now available at select Shoppers Drug Mart locations in Vancouver.


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