Showcase Your Ideas for a Better Vancouver with an Urban Intervention (June 6, 2015)

On Saturday, June 6, 2015, hundreds of Vancouverites will unite in conducting acts of “urban intervention”: small actions to improve our city and foster a sense of community.

Led by the organization 100in1Day Vancouver, an urban intervention is a community-based project led by an individual, community-based group, or an organization. These projects, be they whimsical and fun or based in a commitment to social justice and change, are a simple, often low-cost way for people to showcase their ideas for a better city. They can already exist or be created just for this event. Interventions can create opportunities for community engagement and volunteerism.
Examples of interventions from other cities include:
  • Art installations or street art
  • Community-based storytelling or performances
  • Planting community gardens or conducting a park clean-up
  • Screening socially conscious films
  • Community potlucks
  • Recreational games such as soccer, jump rope or hopscotch
  • Setting up a free lemonade stand and talking to passer-bys

This one-day festival is a fun, inclusive way to focus on the role of people and public space, and demonstrate the capacity we all have in creating a better city.

In 2014, there were 83 urban interventions that took place across the city, ranging from spontaneous Samba band performances, public art in Dude Chilling Park, “Free Listening” booths and “Urban Camping,” designed to get strangers and neighbours talking in a fun environment. Together, the interventions were enjoyed by 3,000 Vancouverites and visitors.

By bringing people together, 100in1Day is like a giant community flashmob that raises awareness of urban and social issues – with the hope that it can inspire further involvement beyond the day and motivate leaders to consider new approaches to old problems. Ideas for this year’s interventions are already in progress but there’s still time to get involved.

The goal is to get 100 interventions on June 6 across Metro Vancouver. Free workshops are being held around the city to generate initiatives that can be launched for this year. Take action. Make Vancouver come to life. What will you do?

To submit your urban intervention and to see this year’s growing list, visit:


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