Fashion Ideas from 50 Shades of Grey

Clothes or more pertinently fashion ideas are not what first come to mind when you think of the ​extremely popular bestseller 50 Shades of Grey. Nevertheless, there are certain outfits within the film and book that really stand out, and they should be taken notice of. Thus, below are a list of fashion ideas from the film, which could inspire your dress sense!


When Anastasia meets Christian for the first time: She has picked out pieces of clothing that clearly do not look professional, or even mildly acceptable. Obviously, she has been in rush and the impression she has given of her dress sense is that of a child. Nevertheless, Christian must see beyond the blouse with a cardigan, heavy crepe skirt, awful tights, and Fiorentini and Baker boots. Despite this look being catastrophically put together, her charm makes it somewhat, momentarily acceptable. Therefore, anyone going for this look needs to be able to have a pretty face and a confident attitude; it’s geek-sheik grandma minus the glasses.

Having a business dinner with Christian: As the story continues Anastasia begins to tailor her dress sense, and her costumes become sleeker and significantly more figure happy. In this part of the book/film she enters with an extremely flattering dress, with a large zipper at the back. Ultimately, it leverages in her direction because of how outstanding she looks in it. This type of knock-you-dead dress is suitable for occasions where you are trying to impress, or alternatively going for a really slap-up meal with your spouse; either way you’ll look stunning.

When Anastasia meets Christian’s mother: Adorning a peach dress, Anastasia looks beautiful when she finally meets Christian mother. Essentially, it is inspired by Faye Dunaway in the ​Thomas Crown Affair, a film which put billionaires and their romances under the magnifying glass. The dress has had a lot of homemade customization done to it; from the 25 wonderfully colored buttons, to the distinct fabric it has been cut from. The fit and length of the dress are absolutely perfect, with all this being a little too much to take for Christian. If you were to wear a homemade dress of this nature, and you have the figure to pull it off, then ensure you wear it for an occasion whereby you intend to make an impression. 

A graduate listens during the commencement at Yale Law School on May 23, 2011.

When Anastasia graduates: In this part of the book, and the film, Anastasia has become a fully-fledged adult, and her dress sense definitely coincides with her self-confidence, and developed self-esteem. The pretty silver number speaks of a somewhat shy individual, who has spread her wings and wants the world to embrace who she is. Those of you wanting to express yourselves through fashion choices can do it in subtle ways, and like Anastasia, statements about developments in personality can be said through a sleek and well-fitted dress.

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