Hammam & Gommage Steam Room and Exfoliation Treatment from Miraj Hamman Spa

The Hammam & Gommage steam room and exfoliation treatment from Miraj Hamman Spa was one of most unique spa experiences I have encountered in Vancouver.

I have driven by Miraj Hamman Spa many times when crossing the Granville Street bridge into downtown, but never thought to check it out until I was recently invited in for their signature treatment.  Upon entering the building from their West 6th and Granville entrance, I felt like I was immediately transported to the Middle East.  I was offered slippers to wear as I sat on a cushioned bench, while a small fountain lent to the tranquil yet exotic atmosphere.

After locking up my clothing and belongings in the changerooms, and putting on a robe, the esthetician brought me into “The Hammam“, which is a steam room, similar to a Turkish bath.  The steamroom was warm and quite intense, you could hardly see through the mist.  I breathed in the moisture which was scented with essential oils.   After about 20 minutes, she returned and the second part of my treatment began – the full body “Gommage“.

Modesty isn’t really an option here, as you lay fully unclothed on both your front and back on a marble bench while the aesthetician exfoliates your body using black Moroccan soap. You are given the option of disposable underwear, but there really isn’t a point in wearing it as the mist from the steamroom doesn’t make it comfortable to keep it on.  After the exfoliation, you rinse off right in the steam room, dry off, and put the robe back on.

After the Hammam and Gommage experience, you can spend some time in the Sultana Lounge to continue relaxing on velvet beds and silk cushions and read magazines.  Other guests may choose to continue their relaxation with a massage treatment in one of the private rooms.

Overall, this was a pretty unique spa experience. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, if your mom likes being pampered, this would make an unusual gift experience.



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