5 Ways to Manage Pet Allergy Symptoms

Several of my blog posts on Modern Mix Vancouver mention Teddy Bear, my adopted Pomeranian dog. Although he has a long, healthy and beautiful coat of fur, it can be a pain to constantly have to sweep up dog fur and dander from every nook and cranny of my home.

If I invite a guest over who is allergic to dogs, it can be a particularly uncomfortable experience for them, especially because there are traces of Teddy everywhere in my home.

Contrary to popular belief, an allergy to dogs is not specifically due to the fur on a dog. The allergens that pets produce are in their saliva and dander – the dog dandruff which flakes off regularly through the process of a dog’s natural shedding.

Read on for what you can do to help allergy-proof your home when your friend who is allergic to dogs comes over to visit you and your pup:

Groom Regularly

Bring your dog regularly to the groomers will help wash away the allergens on their coat. In Vancouver, we recommend going to Pawsh Dog Spa in Yaletown or Spa Dogs Organic Dog Spa off Commercial Drive. If you don’t have time to visit the groomers before your guest arrives, giving your dog a quick wipe-down to remove saliva that is on their fur from grooming themselves. This will also help eliminate outdoor pollen from their coat, which is another common allergen at this time of year.


Pay extra attention to vacuuming your home before your guest arrives. Make sure you vacuum in all the nooks and crannies of your home including under the table, in cozy corners, couch cushions and anywhere else that your furry friend spends its time.

Wash Hands

Make sure your friends wash their hands with soap every time after petting your dog.


Depending on the severity of your guest’s dog allergies, you may want to keep your dog in a separate room or locked in a crate for the duration of the visit.

Keep REACTINE® Handy

Finally, if you do notice your guest’s allergies acting up (look for symptoms like sneezing or watery eyes), offer them a capsule of REACTINE® for quick acting and non-drowsy relief from their allergies (make sure they read the label first so they can be sure it’s right for them).

For more information about how REACTINE® can help you manage your allergies, visit Reactine.ca.

This post was sponsored by the makers of REACTINE®. Thoughts and opinions are my own.


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