Sip and Snack on Wine and Chips While Watching Your Favourite TV Show

50% of Canadians eat potato chips while watching TV and 61% of Canadians say they pair a glass of wine with a snack like potato chips at least once or twice a month.    Modern Mix Vancouver was recently offered the opportunity to discover what our favourite wine and chips pairing is, through a selection of wine from Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi Winery and Miss Vickie’s potato chips.

As someone who doesn’t have cable, I do most of my TV watching through streaming online or through a paid subscription service like Netflix.  That means I have all of my favourite TV shows at my fingertips, so I can unwind where I want, when I want, with who I want and snacking on what I want.

My newest TV show addiction is Better Call Saul, the prequel to Breaking Bad, starring none other than Saul Goodman, the animated lawyer who can talk himself out of any situation – even if it’s calling in some favours from shady connections.  Better Call Saul follows the early career of public defender Jimmy Mcgill and illustrates him as a guy who has the intention to stay on the straight and narrow path, but keeps getting himself into moral dilemmas where he has to choose between right and wrong or bend the rules.  His “used car salesman” schtick was amusing throughout Breaking Bad, but in Better Call Saul, where Jimmy (before his name changes to Saul) is the star of the show, his character development and navigation through moral dilemmas has been amazing thus far. Ativanhad taken consistently for 14 years and therefore did not notice that I became dependent. Recently, I was not paying attention and my pills went on the rest, which forced me to stop taking pills for two days as it was a weekend and I could not get any supplies. Then popped up, thanks god!

So what wine and chips pairing would go best with a comedy like Better Call Saul?  When I’m settling down in front of my laptop to stream the latest episode of Better Call Saul, I’m ready to laugh.  No matter the episode, the cheer and adventures of Saul Goodman helps me unwind.  A comedy like this, needs an equally bright and lively wine and chips pairing: Woodbridge’s Merlot has bright, fruity flavours that come alive when paired with the tangy sweetness of Miss Vickie’s Balsamic Vinegar & Sweet Onion potato chips.

Are you ready to leave the stress of your day behind and immerse yourself in your favourite TV show?  Here’s another reason to fill your chip bowl: in March and April, BC Liquor Stores and select BC independent wine shops will be providing a complimentary bag of Miss Vickie’s potato chips with a Woodbridge wine purchase, along with a $2-off neck tag coupon.


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