Get Pampr’ed with In-Home Massage Booking Service from Vancouver

The times you seriously need a relaxation session, probably correlates with the days you just want to stay at home and get pampered.   The new Vancouver start-up company Pampr offers mobile massages on demand, with same-day, in-home massages from licensed therapists.

I went through the online booking process and signed up for a 60 minute couples massage on a Sunday night for my boyfriend and I.  The total came to $238, which is comparable to the price of services at a higher end spa.  In fact, the 30+ therapists in the Pampr network have worked at Vancouver’s top hotel spas, such as Chi at the Shangri-La, Vida Spa at the Wall Centre, and Spa Utopia at the Pan Pacific Hotel.

We opted for two female therapists.  Given that I live in a 500sqrft apartment in Yaletown, I was afraid that the two massage tables wouldn’t fit in my living room but it was fine…we just had to move around some furniture! When you live in a small space like this, you can’t be shy. We went into the bedroom to undress (the therapists were in the bathroom to give us privacy) and then climbed on to the two massage tables to begin our session.

The massage was relaxing as expected.  We dimmed the lights, and the therapists brought their own relaxing music for the session.

All payments are done digitally at the time of booking, so at the end of the massage you don’t have to worry about bringing out your wallet and can concentrate on being relaxed in a zen-like state of mind.  Tip is included as well.  After the massage was over, I immediately changed into my pajamas – I loved the fact that I was already home and could go straight to bed, get a good rest and start my week fresh.

If this sounds like something you’d love to try, you can sign up and book a massage for yourself at:


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