Top 5 Reasons to Craft Your Own Wine at Purple Castle Brewing

Have you ever thought about how much more affordable it would be to make your own wine in bulk?  SocialShopper is currently offering a fantastic deal for craft-it-yourself wine from Purple Castle Brewing: $99 for 30 bottles of wine, which includes a $20 credit towards future wine making.

Here’s five reasons why it’s a great idea to snatch up this deal before it’s too late:


Through the SocialShopper deal, you’re only paying $99 for 30 750ml bottles of wine, averaging $3 per bottle of wine. Where else in Vancouver can you get a deal on wine like this? Note that you have to bring your own empty wine bottles for storing the wine. Otherwise it costs an additional $1 per bottle.


The four wine varieties you can currently make are: Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Pinot Noir. These are common wine varietals with mass appeal – you won’t have a problem appealing to your guests with table wine for your next dinner party.


The wine takes 8 weeks to make. So after your first 5-minute visit where you select the wine you want to make, you come back after 8-weeks to spend approximately an hour bottling, corking and labeling your wine. There’s minimal effort of your part, and certainly no wine-making knowledge required. The experts at Purple Castle Brewing will handle all of that for you.

Summer Party Season

I opted to make the Riesling because by the time my wine will be ready, it’ll be May. As the weather gets warmer in Vancouver, I expect to be invited to summer BBQs and patio parties where it would be great to bring a bottle of wine as a hostess gift. With 30 bottles of wine ready to go, I’m more than excited to start sharing my wine with others.


Although the 4,300 square foot facilities of Purple Castle Brewing are outside of the Vancouver core, it is still fairly convenient to access by car or public transportation. Skytrain to Rupert Skytrain Station and take a 10 minute walk, or drive 10 – 15 minutes from downtown Vancouver with free parking outside the facility.

Purple Castle Brewing is located at 2741 Skeena Street, across from Wal-Mart. For more information on this deal on SocialShopper, click here.  In 8 weeks, we’ll be sharing the results of our wine making on Modern Mix Vancouver – stay tuned!


Edit: Purple Castle Brewing is now permanently closed.


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