EVENT: Game of Thrones Pop-Up Cocktail Bar in Gastown (Tuesday March 10)

In honour of the upcoming fifth season of HBO’s Game of Thrones, Bambudda in Gastown is hosting “Winter Is Coming,” a themed, pop-up cocktail bar, on Tuesday, March 10 at 7 pm.

Leading the charge is Matt Grippo, head bartender at San Francisco’s iconic Blackbird Bar. The Whisky Warrior is heading due North for his first-ever Canadian stop, thanks to an alliance with Bambudda’s bar manager, Tarquin Melnyk.

Grippo’s arsenal of inventive libations includes the soothing and sultry Milk of the Poppy, the alcohol-forward Mad King, the flaming Mother of Dragons and the deadly delicious Red Wedding. Cocktails are $11 each or three for $30.

Chef Curtis Luk will be serving “All Men Must Dine,” an à la carte snack menu to complement Grippo’s gripping cocktails.

Get into the spirit of the evening: Prizes, including The Duke Bourbon and restaurant gift certificates will be awarded to fans who don their best Game Of Thrones costumes.

Reservations for “Winter Is Coming” are strongly suggested and can be made either by crow or by telephone at 604-428-0301.


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  1. This is easily the most random thing I have ever heard of. Isn’t Bambudda an Asian fusion restaurant? I feel like they’re just trying to capitalize on the GoT wagon. Can’t help but shake my head…

  2. Sheila,

    As most people initially believe that Bambudda is Asian Fusion (I am one of those people) I can confidently assure you it is far from it.

    Most of the dishes created by their current chef are modern takes on traditional Chinese dishes most Chinese kids would have eaten growing up. As a discerning diner myself, Chef Curtis Luk amazed me with the quality of food in every way possible. Think Traditional Chinese, but with modern Western technique.

    I would encourage you to give them a chance. I, myself, have become a regular. And try their Post Opium and Koi Pond cocktail.



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