Allegro Café Opens at Whole Foods Cambie

Formerly the floral section of Whole Foods Cambie, Allegro Café is now open on the second-floor space, and Modern Mix Vancouver was invited to be one of the first Vancouverites to check out the new cafe.

The concept of a gourmet cafe to open within a grocery store is not a new concept to Vancouverites – Urban Fare, for example, has a robust hot food and beverage offering at their locations.

True to Whole Foods’ specialization in natural and healthy foods and lifestyle products, Allegro Café has a modern, organic, Westcoast feel to it.   The new space features seating and tables for those who wish to dine-in and hang out, overlooking the produce section of the grocery store – a great spot to #stayandsip and people watch.  The bar and counters were created by Craig Pearson from the Vancouver-based Union Wood Co., while the bar stools were created using reclaimed Douglas Fir from a local school that was being demolished.

The menu will include a mix of items ranging from cheese platters, quick bites and cheese, to comfort dishes like Quiche Lorraine and Chicken Pot Pie. Additionally, there will be a daily offering depending on the time of day.  For example, breakfast burritos and pastries in the morning, then sandwiches and salads for lunch.  And yes, it is licensed for wine and beer, with a generous $4 happy hour from 3pm to 6pm.

Allegro Café is located at 510 West 8th Avenue and is accessible directly from its Cambie Street entrance, or from inside Whole Foods.

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