apothem dark in BC

Discover the Unexpected Joys of Winter with Apothic Dark

Since we were first introduced to Apothic Wines in 2012, we have been captivated by the mystique and allure of this Californian wine.  Although we have only sampled their classic Red and White winemaker’s blends, Apothic has finally released another alluring edition for us to try: Apothic 2013 Dark.

There’s a romance in the darkness, it draws our curiosity and beckons a desire to taste the unknown.

Apothic Dark’s sophisticated package is dark and mysterious, reflecting the gothic vibes that inspired designers from Erdem to Armani on the fashion runway.  Think a little black dress, paired with black lace gloves, studded leather clutches and oversized wool hats, Apothic Dark inspired looks are sure to make an impression on the holiday cocktail party circuit.

The warm aroma of red wine has notes of dark chocolate, coffee and blackberries.  This wine is recommended to be savoured in a candle lit room, with a crackling fireplace, best paired with winter veggies, dark fruit, and decadent desserts.  If you know of a holiday party with this intimate environment, please let us know!

In the meantime, Apothic Dark is now available at your local BC liquor store for $16.99.


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