EVENT: “Analogue Dog” Pet Photoshoot Pop-Up (Sept 17 & 18)

The Vancouver-based Vanalogue Photobooth is conducting a 2-day Dog Photo Salon series at thisopenspace.

Analogue Dog combines a love and affection for four-legged companions with classic black-and-white photography.  Silver gelatin portraits are hand-processed and handprinted on the spot, in a unique foldable darkroom.

The term “silver gelatin” or “silver gelatin print” refers to traditional black-and-white photographic printing, or darkroom printing. It implies the use of photographic paper exposed under an enlarger’s light, then developed and fixed in wet photo chemicals.  It’s basically vintage-style photography, photographed on special coated paper rather than film.  The result is a distinct style of photographic artwork: highly contrasted, Victorian-era, stark black and white imagery.

Each print comes a free high-resolution and web-ready digital file to spread the love on the social media.  These works of art are priced at $45 for the smaller 5×7″, and $125 for the 8×10″ print.

vanalogue photobooth flyer

In addition to the main offering of photography, visitors can browse through pet apparel, accessories and treats from Vancouver-based retailers.  For example, innovative raw and layered artisan treats by Pawsh Chops, comfy and pretty hypoallergenic beds and cushions by Upcycled Canine, as well as Dane & Divas ’ must-have elegant and handcrafted bow ties, collars, leashes and more.


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