Win a #ClickToCook Dinner with Modern Mix Vancouver for You + 1

Earlier this year, Modern Mix Vancouver was invited by the T-fal Canada team to try out their new line of Ingenio Gourmet pots and pans.

Knowing how Modern Mix Vancouver constantly showcases our dining experiences, surely, if provided with the right tools, we’d be able to create some delicious dishes of our own. Because of its multi use properties, the T-fal Ingenio Gourmet collection makes cooking easy.

As promised in our earlier posts, Modern Mix Vancouver will be hosting a small dinner party for one lucky reader and their guest.  I will personally be cooking a three-course meal for your enjoyment. Dinner will take place on Sunday September 21 at 7pm, at my apartment in Yaletown and will feature the below three dishes.  To enter our giveaway, scroll down for details.

Bocconcini Melt on Toasted Baguette Rounds with Arugula
T-fal #ClickToCook: Bocconcini Melt on Toasted Baguette Rounds with Arugula
tfal ingenio risotto recipe
T-fal #ClickToCook: Prawn Risotto Topped with Crispy Kale
tfal clicktocook berry bake
T-fal #ClickToCook: Berry Basil Bake, Served with Ice Cream and Caramel Sauce

By the way, here’s a bit about me, so you know who your hostess is. I grew up in Vancouver and went through high school and university in Vancouver as well.  I have a degree in marketing, worked a few years at a digital advertising agency and now I’m working in the marketing department of a company which owns shopping centres.  I started Modern Mix Vancouver six years ago and have been blogging ever since.  My boyfriend Steve (who will also be at the dinner party and helping with the cooking) grew up in Kitsilano and can definitely carry on a conversation about sports (especially about hockey and golf) and craft beer.  We are both avid travellers as well.

By the way, I have a dog so best if you like them (he is adorable) but if you are allergic, we can put him away for a while in his cage.

Modern Mix Vancouver Giveaway: Courtesy of T-fal, MMV is giving away seats to our dinner party on September 21, for you and a guest.  There will be four guests total – myself, my boyfriend, the winning reader and their guest.  To enter, please leave a comment below telling me a bit about yourself and why you’d make a great dinner guest at my #ClickToCook dinner party.  I will be choosing a winner on Tuesday September 16, and will notify the winner ASAP via email.

Good luck! We look forward to having you.


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  1. Your menu looks terrific… I’m a student food blogger who is passionate about eating, supporting, and sourcing local food. After my experience at #dinnerpartyyvr, I have become a huge fan of dinner parties. Being able to share recipes, spend hours conversing about restaurants and dishes, the list goes on. Being able to connect with like-minded individuals whom share similar passions with you, and not to mention over delicious food, is something that I can never say no to.

  2. Wow that sounds really impressive! The food looks amazing and I imagine it’d be equally delicious. I think I’d make a good dinner guest at #ClickToCook because I love good food, great conversation, and am also a blogger! I did my degree in marketing too, even though I don’t currently work in marketing, rather I do tax consulting. My boyfriend Barrie is a hockey fan, and I’d like to instill some inspiration in him to finally start cooking proper meals (lol) by watching you and Steve cook together. He’s also hilariously funny and is great at striking up conversations at any dinner party. We both love to travel and we’d love to share stories about our travels with you, and hear your stories as well.

  3. I too love to travel and could talk about the food I’ve eaten from the other places Ive been all the time! It would be great to sit down and chat with people who share similar interests. Also, my husband is a fan of craft beer and sports too!

  4. I eat out a lot. I rarely get home cooked meals, due to my busy schedule but also it’s such a bummer to cook alone! I’d love to bring a friend to try this! Maybe you’ll inspire me to cook again! I just love food too. 😛

  5. My hubby and I have been house bound with various renos and our little one this summer. I would love the chance for us to have a date night, thanks for the chance to win.
    Twitter fan@plumerea

  6. Hi Vanessa,

    I’d enjoy being part of your evening as I’d love to discuss the pleasures of eating while traveling to far flung corners of the globe . . . sampling Cuy while in Peru not on the top of my list . . .
    Have yet to make it to all of the continents – Antartica and Australia yet to be traipsed by me.

    Also would love to chat with you and your boyfriend where to sample the best ethnic eats in YVR ( e.g. Etheopian on Knight & Hastings)

    I’m also curious to meet the person behind all the tweets : )

  7. I love cooking at home, and would love to have an opportunity to dine in your home with great company! The menu looks delicious 🙂

  8. Wow the food looks great and it would be awesome to see a hands-on showcase of how easy it is to use these new T Fal pots and pans. Since you are cooking I will definitely do the dishes and bring a nice bottle of wine for all of us to enjoy as we discuss all things awesome about Vancouver

  9. What do you know! I went to school and grew up in Vancouver as well (okay, Surrey, but it’s going to be bigger than Vancouver soon enough, and then Vancouver will become the suburb! HAH). My nerd business degree (MIS, or BTM now I guess) comes courtesy of UBC.

    I’m a fervent traveler, skipping between Europe and North America on a yearly basis, as well as having visited SE Asia, Australia, Central America, and South America. And tons of Northern Canada. Wherever I go I try new foods, from guinea pig (nice and crunchy bones) to grasshoppers (remember to pluck off the legs before eating).

    I drink tons of craft beer (is it bad if I’m drinking while I write this?) and can talk hockey/soccer for hours. Just not golf. Because it’s a game. And not a sport.

  10. Lisa. Grew up in Vancouver and currently moved to Amsterdam. I don’t cook very often but do love food. Perhaps if I saw how easy it was to make delicious dishes I would try it more often.

    I’d make a great dinner guest as I’m an avid traveller myself, having been to nearly 50 countries. I’m pretty sure ihave some entertaining stories to share from my travels and my time living in Amsterdam.

    Plus, you’re selecting a winner on my bday. I think this is a sign. 🙂

  11. Hi Vanessa,

    If Teddy would like to meet a new friend, I can bring along my small Maltese named Tweety. I also work in marketing for retail. I recently returned from a weeklong trip to Cancun with my fiance Stephen. If you invite me to your dinner party, Steve and Stephen can look after Teddy and Tweety while I help you cook!

  12. Yummy!

    Well I’ve always thought there’s nothing more beautiful than watching someone in their element, do what their passionate about….and my passion is eating yummy food. Just imagine, me sitting there, living my passion, while you living yours – cooking yummy food and blogging about it…if that’s not a recipe for ultimate dream team I don’t know what is

    Also I may or may not have a case of craft with Steve’s name on it.

  13. Hey Vanessa,

    Hope I’m not too late to enter! Fashionably late and all……

    I think you should pick me because I am a fun dinner guest! And I’d love a demo of your cooking! I don’t cook much myself, but am trying to eat healthier and cook more at home. The right tools can be a big part of this. I would really be interested in seeing Tfal in action! I know we will also find lots to chat about: work, travel, doggies (I’m sure the list can go on!).

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