EVENT: The 5k Colour Run in Vancouver (September 13, 2014)

Does getting doused in a rainbow of coloured powder while running a 5k for a local charity sound fun to you?  If so, you will love The Color Run!

Since its debut in January 2012, The Color Run has been hosted in 50 countries and will be coming to Vancouver on Saturday September 13, 2014 at the Pacific National Exhibition.   With no official race winner, or times, The Color Run celebrates healthiness, happiness and individuality. Runners of all ages, sizes and fitness levels participate in the run; beginning at the start line in all-white clothing and finishing, covered in a rainbow of colors.

After each kilometre, a different shade of powder fills the air covering runners. By the time the finish line is reached, the air and runners are filled with vivid color combinations.  After the 5k is complete, participants join the Finish Festival, a colourful party filled with music, dancing, free swag and massive color throws.

Registration for the event is now open for teams and individual runners.  Solo participant cost is $60. Team runners and walkers cost is $55.  This year, the Color Run Vancouver will be partnering with local charitable organization KidSport Vancouver.

To register, or for more details, please visit: thecolorrun.com/canada.


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