The Vancouver Aquarium’s World Just Got Bigger For Your Next Visit

Vancouver’s 58 year old landmark just got bigger for your next visit.  The Vancouver Aquarium opened their brand new doors in July, after the most significant expansion in its history.

On behalf of Modern Mix, I had the opportunity to visit this amazing new space that leads you directly into interactive areas, conservation stories, educational programming, animal exhibits and other immersive experiences.

It all starts in the Teck Connections Gallery, punctuated with an interesting welcoming exhibit – a giant, three ton upside down globe.  This globe is both educational and a beautiful art piece all in one. It’s upside down to show the significance of the polar ice caps melting. It’s a striking globe, accentuated by the 360 degree wrap display that welcomes guests to the aquarium.

The new exhibits at the Vancouver Aquarium include a completely revitalized tropical gallery, complete with a brand new bat cave, a new café that with a new Oceanwise Seafood menu and a new gift shop.

The Vancouver Aquarium also has a brand new Guest Services desk, to provide its visitors with better service.  Now, visitors have a central place to go for information about the aquarium itself and more importantly, a central meeting location for lost and found.

You can purchase tickets to the Vancouver Aquarium online here. Adult tickets are only $34 and children’s tickets are $20.


Guest Post by: Lesley Chang


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