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What’s Your 2014 #Matifesto?

Manduka, a yoga supplies company, is kicking off the new year with a new collection of Yogitoes towels.  What makes these yoga towels special is their patented skidless technology: sillicone grip dots which provide the best grip in dry or sweaty conditions.  Also, Yogitoes towels are made from discarded plastic bottles woven into recycled poly yarn content, meaning it requires two-thirds less energy to produce.

Want to win new yoga gear?  Manduka’s #matifesto social campaign encourages fans and followers to share their personal intentions on and off the mat for a chance to win Manduka yoga gear.  Until January 31, use the hashtag #matifesto on Twitter and you will automatically be entered to win free yoga gear from Manduka.

Here are some of my my #Matifestos, be sure to Tweet @Manduka with some of yours!

  • To do yoga 2x / week – I’m a huge fan of hot yoga classes; 99% of the time, this is the type of yoga class I’ll pick to attend.
  • To hydrate properly – Especially with hot yoga when you are sweating it out in 40 degree studios, it’s important to stay hydrated.  There have been times where my head hurts the day after a yoga class – once I hydrate with water, coconut water (like Zico Pure Coconut Water), or some sort of sports hydration drink, I feel much better.
  • To bring a (healthy) lunch to work rather than eating  at a food court  – It’s hard to eat healthy when the only lunch-time choices I have are at a food court.  If I make my lunches in advance, I’ll have better control of the ingredients in my meals and save money too!
  • Travel – Fingers crossed, I’ll be headed to South America on vacation later this year.

Manduka products are available at various yoga studios and retailers across the Lower Mainland, including Y Yoga studios.

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