Halloween Treats from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Halloween Window Display at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
Halloween Window Display at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is a must-visit for chocolate lovers.  This family-owned chocolate chain started out in the US and opened its first Canadian store in the late 80’s.  Since then, it has been rapidly expanding across Canada and is an especially popular destination for tourists with locations in hotspots like Whistler, Robson Street and Metropolis at Metrotown.

Earlier this year, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory launched a new line of Canadian products earlier this year, including their “Tourist Peak Gift Box” which is loaded with Canadian-inspired chocolate bites.  Discover flavours like saskatoon berry, the “eh” cluster and maple cream.

Tourist Peak Gift Box from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Many of the goodies are made by hand in-store, including their mouthwatering Rocky Pop (caramel coated popcorn clusters), rich and creamy Fudge, and sweet Candy Apples.  Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory allows chocolate lovers to be able to see the confectionary making process.  If you take a peek over the counter at the Metropolis location, you’ll see staff members dipping a fresh batch of caramel apples, or bagging chocolates into gift bags.

For Halloween, Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory encourages its shoppers to “bite into the dark side” with an assortment of Halloween themed treats.  For example, limited edition caramel apples are dressed up as mummies, pumpkins and skeletons, for $11.99 each.  There are also chocolate figurines of Jack O’Lanterns ($12.99), Mummies ($9.99) and Ghosts ($6.99).

Halloween Themed Caramel Apples
Halloween Themed Caramel Apples

So next time someone asks you “Trick or Treat?”, be sure to wholeheartedly tell them you want a TREAT…but only from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.


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