Pink Tartan launches “Washable” Fall/Winter Pieces with Tide Pods

pink tartan vancouver

It’s not everyday you hear of an upscale and elegant women’s fashion brand being “washable”. That’s why Pink Tartan’s newest collection is causing a stir in the fashion industry.

In partnership with Tide Pods (single-serving sized laundry detergent packets), designer Kim Newport-Mimran of Pink Tartan has created a functional collection of classic staple pieces which are ready to wear, and ready to be washed.  Kim was in-person at The Bay in downtown Vancouver, giving a fashion presentation on her new Fall/Winter collection which includes a few washable tops and bottoms.

pink tartan tide washable
Pink Tartan Keyhole Sweater in Blood Orange ($275)
Pink Tartan Tech Side Zip Pant in Navy ($295)
Pink Tartan Tech Side Zip Pant in Navy ($295)

The pieces in the washable collection are conservative yet sophisticated. High necklines are appropriate for business attire, while long sleeves are a nod to the fall weather. Colours are inspired by Tide’s iconic brand colours so expect to see pieces in navy blue, black, white and a pop of orange.

tide pods

Caring for your clothes is not a trend, it is part of an effortless style that is always in season.  At the end of the event, we were gifted with a container of Tide Pods to try for ourselves.  Pink Tartan is available on the 2nd Floor at The Bay in downtown Vancouver.


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