Vancouver Prepares for Some Major Sexiness with the Launch of Victoria’s Secret on Robson (Tuesday August 27)

In just under 7 days one of the world’s most coveted brands will be launching in Vancouver. Taking up no less than 35,000 square feet in the former HMV building on Robson Street in Downtown Vancouver, the highly anticipated opening of Victoria’s Secret will change the world of underwear for women (and some lucky men) across the province.

No longer limited to shopping online, already dedicated customers (myself included!) will now be able to directly access the hottest new lines, in store. Without a doubt we know this grand opening will be welcomed with open arms. We can’t wait to see what the store has to offer. With such a huge space to fill, we can only hope to see more than just the basics. Our minds have gone in circles just thinking about the possibilities. The grand opening on Tues August 27 is rumoured to include the notorious angels.

To sign up for early access and exclusive Canadian offers check out Also, stay tuned for more from us as we meet with the Victoria’s Secret crew on Aug 29. We can’t wait to share with you the first ever preview of the Fall 2013 Victoria’s Secret line in Vancouver!


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