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The Long Table Distillery (1451 Hornby Street)

The Long Table Distillery (1451 Hornby Street) is Vancouver’s only distiller of hand-crafted small batch spirits, and has recently opened their doors to the public. Founder and distiller Charles Tremewen, along with his wife Rita has set their vision upon premium quality spirits featuring locally sourced and foraged ingredients, which is featured in their two introductory products – the London Dry Gin with locally sourced juniper berries, and the Texada Vodka which is filtered through limestone from BC’s Texada Island. Even the Long Table’s tasting room has elements of locally sourced goods, highlighted by the 14-foot Sequioa Redwood table from a reclaimed tree which became the inspiration for their namesake.

The product offerings are at a premium price point, with the Dry Gin and Vodka selling for $50 and $45 per 750ml bottle, but their tastes and notes are sharp and vivid with hints of natural flavours. They deserve a sampling at their tasting room for true connoisseurs of craft spirits to determine whether their local origin is worth the premium.


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