5 Cold Weather Tips for Pets in Vancouver

January is one of the coldest months in Vancouver.  As we bundle up with jackets, scarves and gloves to keep warm, pets like my Teddy Bear need winter weather protection, too!  Even though Teddy may be covered in fur, dogs require more attention when it comes to spending time outdoors in the winter months. Here are some winter pet care to help ensure your pets are prepared for the cold weather.

  • Winter fashion isn’t just for humans – Just like we get dressed up to stay warm in the winter, some pets do, too! Try dressing your pet in a winter sweater, jacket or booties to keep them warm on winter walks.  Some shops in Vancouver which sell stylish doggy wear include Barking Babies (1188 Homer Street), Pawsh (80 Smithe Street) and Bosleys (various locations).
  • Take pet paw precautions – After taking your pet for a walk in the winter, be sure to wipe their paws and underside after being outside. Salt and other chemicals used to melt snow and ice on the roads and sidewalks can irritate and burn your pet’s sensitive paws. Soaking your pet’s paws in warm water before drying them off also helps remove chunks of snow and is soothing for their pads.  Alternatively you can take them to the doggy spa (like how Teddy goes to Pawsh) and get a full grooming.
  • Home heating – Teddy Bear is the fluffiest dog I know and sometimes his furry tail gets stuck in the wrong places. If you plan to light a fire or plug in a space heater, keep an eye out to make sure that no tails or paws come in contact with flames, heating coils, or hot surfaces. Not only may they burn themselves, they could also knock over a heat source and put your whole home in danger.
  • Don’t leave pets outside for prolonged periods of time – Even though there’s a Vancouver city bylaw against tying up your dogs outside in public areas, I have been very guilty of tying up Teddy to a pole while I run a quick errand at a store.  When the temperature drops below zero, be aware that pets shouldn’t be left outdoors for prolonged periods of time – especially short-coated dogs and puppies as they are particularly vulnerable to cold temperatures. If you have a cat or short-coated dog, only take them out for short walks and consider dressing them in sweaters to keep the heat in.
  • Cars in the winter are like freezersJust like how we shouldn’t leave our dogs in the car during the summer heat, don’t leave your cat or dog unattended in the car during the cold weather months because cars are like refrigerators and freezers in the winter.  Left unattended for too long in a cold car and your pet could suffer from hypothermia.
Stay warm, furry friends!
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  1. Jake the bull mastif. Rescue dog with a big body and a bigger heart. This dogs best friends are my girlfriends one year old daughter and the family cat.

  2. i don’t participate in facebook i sure hope i can still enter your giveaway we have 2 cats and 2 dogs mix breds thanks

  3. My dogs name is jefe(boss in spanish) he is a porkie (half pomerian and half yorkie)Liked and Shared Too

  4. I have 2 dogs, Ginger and Rusty. Ginger is a 4 year old Miniature Pinscher crossed with a Chihuahua and Rusty is a 4 year old Chihuahua.

  5. So excited! My sister just rescued a 1 year old black lab/collie mix named Nikki. My sister is 18 and is going to college, plays sports, and holds down a job. but beyond this she gives Nikki all the love and affection she deserves. As her big sister I want to award her for all her hard work. She is a student and could really use this prize, it would mean the most to her. I love my sister and Nikki too Pick us!

  6. My dog is a rescue from Mexico named Evie. She is very unusual looking – her DNA test says she’s a beagle/boxer/German Shepherd/dachshund/bulldog/poodle mix!

  7. We have two dogs, a schnauzer/dachshund SPCA find named Casper and a Bichon/Poodle named Hershey. They are the best of pals (sometimes we even think perhaps lovers hehe)!

  8. My spouse and I own 3 dogs and currently have 1 foster dog. 1) Mikko is a Maltese. 2)Primo is an American Bully. 3) Koko is a Bulldog and 4) My foster dog is Star is an American Bully. Thank you for the contest– Sara.

  9. My dogs name is Stanley. He is a Shih tzu X poodle.
    And I know that he would really appreciate winning the prize! 🙂
    He says thanks in advance 😉

  10. We are animal lovers, thus…

    Timber, a Siberian Husky
    Mila, a Jack Russel Terrier
    Mimi, a Bischon Poodle
    Mitzi, our cat

    We have our hands full and can use that basket!

  11. I agree with all your cold weather tips vanessa! i wish people would learn to NOT leave their pets outside in the cold, they figure because they have ‘fur’ they are warm enough! To me leaving an animal outside is like leaving a 2 yr old out by itself! SO I do hope some pet people will learn from your tips and take good care of their beloved pets! i have 2 dogs ( rescued ) and also 3 cats ( also rescued ) all from the streets abandoned when young…very sad state indeed what mankind can do to these lovely animals! it saddens me but at least I try to do my bit to ‘balance’ the equation as much as i can on my modest pension income…but it feels great to see my little people be warm in my cozy home and eat whenever they want! ;))

  12. I rescued my dog Zuko <3 Hes a year old German Shepard/ Lab. My house wouldn't be the same without him.

  13. I have two puppies. Link and Buddy. They are both mixed breeds. I think Link is part lab and Buddy looks like a Puggle.

  14. Those are all great tips for owners and their pets. Thanks I enjoyed reading them all and always take care of my 2 dogs, 1 border collie 1 rough collie.

  15. Great article and great advice. I have a yellow Lab named Roxy and 2 indoor cats known as the “terrorists” Yager and Oliver.

  16. My grand dog Ira who is a lovely black pug could use some wet weather gear for our wet coast! The basket looks like an amazing assortment of things!

  17. My two cats (not a particular breed of feline, just regular cats) are great pets and I hope to win this really nice prize. Thank you for offering us the chance to win it.

  18. I have two cats, they are strays so don’t think they are pure bred. Xena is a black warrior princess who must have some Siamese and Tiger is fluffy, affectionate & gentle & might be part Maine Coon.

  19. We have two cats, Pebbles and Conan. My husband’s parents also have two dogs, so this basket would be shared and loved by our family!

  20. My dog is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever, and my cats are a tortiseshell/tabby mix and a shaded silver persian.

    Also planning on getting a German Shepherd sometime soon! 🙂

  21. my dog just passed away, but my sisters dog tyke is a shitzu and I look after them while away, I never take him out when its really cold unless he has his coat on if I won I would save this for my new puppy one day or give it to my sister and i know she could use it am tweeting too

  22. I have two dogs, one is a sweet Tibetan Terrier and her name is Nyima and the second one is Zuke who is a Heinz 57.

  23. I have two cats! One long haired tabby and one short haired Domestic! Thanks so much for this!

  24. I have a dog and a cat ……… they are the best buddies I ever have. The cat is totally attacted to me and will not eat unless I feed him from the spoon, and the dog is my husbands buddy and is his shadow. I have never been happy with having Chi, my cat and Essay my husbands buddy. We love them with all our hearts and everyday is the best with them in it.

  25. I have a German Shepherd named Hunter and a Black part Angora cat named Lestat (like the vampire) and yes, we call him Batty for short!

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