Ferrero Rocher – Make Your Moments Golden & MMV Giveaway for a 200 Gram Box of Chocolates

With the holidays quickly approaching, Ferrero Rocher chocolates are taking a more prominent display at grocery and drugstores across Canada.  This holiday season, celebrate your golden moments with these delicious, foil-wrapped chocolates with the whole hazelnut centre.  Find a PIN in specially marked Ferrero Rocher 200 gram chocolates and you could instantly win over $500,000 in prizes including 1of 10 Mercedes-Benz All-New 2013 B-Class Vehicles or a Ferrero Rocher Holiday Hosting gift basket.  PINs can be redeemed on the Ferrero Rocher Canada Facebook Page.

Here are 5 fan ways you can incorporate Ferrero Rocher into your holidays this season:

  1. Look out for the star-shaped or tree-shaped box of Ferrero Rocher and bring as a wonderful hostess gift to your next social gathering.
  2. Use the 3-pack of Ferrero Rocher as a present topper.
  3. For a golden twist, bring out these golden Ferrero Rocher in a wine pairing.
  4. Use Ferrero Rocher as cupcake toppers in your holiday baking.
  5. Check out the Ferrero Rocher Facebook Page on Fridays for your chance to get a free PIN to enter the contest.

MMV Giveaway: Modern Mix Vancouver is giving away a 200 gram box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates. To enter, please “LIKE” the MMV Facebook Page here and ALSO leave a comment below with why you love Ferrero Rocher. A random winner will be chosen from the comments below. Be sure to leave your email address so we can contact you if you’re a winner. Giveaway ends Thursday, November 29th (11:59pm PST).

For an additional entry: Follow @ModernMixVan on Twitter and tweet “I want to win from @ModernMixVan a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates! Click here: & RT to enter!”


26 Responses

  1. Liked your FB page and I love Ferrero Rocher because of the creamy hazelnut center and also because it reminds me a lot of my childhood.

  2. I love Ferrero Rocher because of its chocolatey and nutty taste! Love the combination….hmmm…can imagine it melting in my mouth!

  3. i love how its a ball of chocolate inside, I have fun eating the outer layers first then reaching to the chocolate ball 😀

  4. Ok, so Ferrero Rocher is but only my favourite Christmas Chocolates. I love to eat off all of the chocolate nut shell, then peel apart the wafer ball, lick out the chocolatey hazelnut cream, and eat the hazelnut in the middle. I probably do that for about 50% of the box, the other 50% is just enjoying them straight up. You really can’t go wrong with a Ferrero Rocher chocolate, and let’s be real, you have to go Hazelnut, original, non of this white chocolate or dark chocolate business, just the original will do.

  5. I “LIKE” the MMV Facebook Page. (Amy M)
    I love Ferrero Rocher chocolate because it is rich and creamy and a great treat!

  6. I love Ferrero Rocher because they’re magic!
    I always seem to buy a 200g box as a gift but it somehow it always ends up opened in my car on the way home! Then a number of them jump into my mouth and I am a happy piglet.

  7. I love Ferrero Rocher because they’re magic!
    I always buy a 200g (or bigger) box as a gift and it always seems to open in my car on the way home! Then a bunch somehow jump into my mouth and I am a happy happy piglet.
    True Story. 🙂

  8. It was the first chocolate my mom gave me. Fell in love with it ever since! It reminds my of my childhood 🙂

    The new coconut one they have, CRAZY GOOD!!!

  9. liked the MMV Facebook Page
    angela m
    I love Ferrero rocher because the are smooth and decadent

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