Chopra Yoga

As one of the newest yoga studios to hit Vancouver, Chopra Yoga (451 Granville Street) brings together various forms of yoga practice with Deepak Chopra’s philosophy of ‘The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success’. This new Vancouver yoga studio is located centrally in downtown at Granville and West Pender, and literally just off the Canada Line Waterfront station.

Chopra Yoga Vancouver offers a powerful combination of yoga, meditation and sauna sessions that build strength in mind, body and soul. From reducing stress, to adjusting your outlook on life to increasing blood circulation, the benefits of yoga come in abundance here and are unique to every individual as they discover their practice.

With the memberships, passes and drop-in options, there is the flexibility to choose whatever fits your budget and schedule. Being a brand new studio, Chopra Yoga Vancouver is squeaky-clean and is equipped with great showers, holds a great ‘no shoes past the entrance’ policy and has a wonderful mild organic mint scent that lingers to invigorate your senses. Every visit will leave you with the impression you just entered an exclusive retreat away from all of life’s worries. Namaste.


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