Kiehl's Richmond Center is Now Open

By Carolyn Fung, Modern Mix Vancouver writer

Earlier this week, Modern Mix was invited to the grand opening of Kiehl’s at Richmond Centre. A much-anticipated opening, this is the 3rd location of Kiehl’s in Vancouver and 13th in Canada, an impressive accomplishment considering 12 years ago, there was only one location in the country!

Well known for their quality products, and staff outfitted in lab coats, Kiehl’s has managed to stay true to their apothecary roots offering skin care solutions that are just as trustworthy as they were in 1851.

Here are some fun facts we learned about Kiehl’s at this event:

  • Every 15 seconds, Kiehl’s sells a tube of their lipbalm, worldwide.
  • The chandeliers in the store aren’t just there for décor. The original store in New York also had a chandelier and it is now a permanent fixture you can find at all Kiehl’s locations.
  • Kiehl’s is all about reducing their environmental footprint and the floors of all their stores are made from re-furbished wood.
  • The founding owner of Kiehl’s loved riding motorcycles. To encourage men to come into the store, he started showcasing his own collection of motorcycles in store windows, and it worked! Still today, this has become a permanent fixture of most store locations.
  • At the Richmond location, keep your eye out for details on the walls. One section of the store is made from recycled metal from old airplanes. A tribute to the founders’ love of flying.
  • Last but not least…Mr. Bones. Mr. Bones is a skeleton that was originally used in 1851 to help educate customers about the effects of medicines on different body parts. Mr. Bones isn’t made of a real skeleton today, but he’s a popular fixture you can expect to see at all locations.

Something I have always loved doing is going into Kiehl’s and asking questions about my skin.  From very early on, the store has offered personalized consultation services to its customers. Each member of the team requires a mandatory 5 days of training before they get that iconic lab coat, so you can feel confident knowing the service you are getting is always backed by knowledgeable staff.  That, combined with a generous sampling program and a 100% refund policy for product dissatisfaction, demonstrates the confidence Kiehl’s has in its products.

If you’re still hesitant, start with a free in-store skin care consultation, bring home some samples and I guarantee, you will find something that is just prefect for you.

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