"My Fat Little Rule Book" by Vancouver's Jacquie Somerville

“I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of sanctimonious, impossible diet and exercise plans in magazines and books by so-called experts. I mean, who the hell can really live on 1,200 miserable calories worth of egg Beaters, skinless chicken, and salad greens?”
– Jacquie Somerville, My Fat Little Rule Book

By Joanna Lee, Modern Mix Vancouver writer

My Fat Little Rule Book is the soon-to-be-released book from Jacquie Somerville, a local entrepreneur, foodie and fashionista from Vancouver. The pre-launch event was held at the Rosewood Hotel Georgia on March 21st where Jacquie gave the first public reading from her new book. As her first published work, My Fat Little Rule Book is about Jacquie’s lifelong battle with body image – a topic familiar for many in today’s society – and how she was able to come to terms with being both a fashionista and foodie. Jacquie wrote the book as a guide for herself with 15 rules she established to help her achieve her ideal weight. It is her first-hand account of the pressure to “look fabulous in Gucci while salivating over Gorgonzola”.

My Fat Little Rule Book is an entertaining and humorous read of Jacquie’s 35-day diet and exercise plan, and how she was able to lose the “last ten pounds.” She intertwines her personal journal entries with postscripts to which women will relate. It is not only a book about food and fashion, but delves deeper into topics of motivation and how goal-setting can impact one’s self-worth and self-confidence.

My Fat Little Rule Book will be available in e-format within the next few weeks. Jacquie is also giving away free copies of the book, click here to find out more.


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