Pawsh Dog Spa (80 Smithe Street)

As you’ve read on Modern Mix Vancouver and on Twitter, I recently adopted my dog Teddy Bear from the local rescue agency, Pamela’s Dogs.  This is probably obvious to most veteran downtown pet owners, but downtown Vancouver is a very accommodating neighbourhood for being a small dog owner.  In addition to several off-leash parks, boutique pet shops, and multiple dog-friendly shops (eg. Fine Finds Boutique, TD Bank, etc.), there is also Pawsh Dog Spa.

Pawsh Dog Spa on Smithe and Beatty Street, at the edge of Yaletown, has consistently been in The Georgia Strait’s Best of Vancouver Top 3 for “Pet Spa and Pet Grooming”.  With rates starting at $50, Pawsh will take care of all your dog grooming needs in a 2 -3 hour drop-off appointment.  This includes a wash, blow dry, haircut, brushing, nail cutting and ear cleaning.

Before the grooming, Teddy had uneven lengths of long wispy hair and a thick double coat.  After, his entire coat was given a trim with clean, straight edges, and the undercoat brushed out and detangled for a lighter, brighter, airy coat.  Teddy came out of Pawsh with a much more defined, shine-y coat.  As gross as this may sound to a non-pet owner, the area around his bum-bum hole was also neatly trimmed so poo wouldn’t get stuck in the long fur (no photos of that on Modern Mix – let’s keep it G-rated!)  See below for a “before and after” comparison of Teddy.  The differences are subtle in the photo, but in real life, his fur feels softer, that “wet-dog” smell has been washed out, and his nails make less of a “click click click” sound on my apartment’s hardwood floors.

As high maintenance as it sounds to bring your pet to the “spa”, this is really basic hygiene that every dog needs to go through – regardless of whether you’re taking them to a “spa”, to the vet, or taking care of it yourself at home. The “spa” part is really just for the reassurance for the pet owners that your dog will be taken care of in a safe, pampering environment.

Pawsh will give you a phone call approximately 15 minutes before your dog is ready to be picked up.  If you’re early, feel free to browse through their selection of pet products.  There are studded collars, jewelled leashes, premium doggy treats as well as Canucks-themed clothing.  If you’re late picking up your dog, he’ll wait for you in a play pen area.  When I arrived at Pawsh, Teddy was wearing his new little bandana, patiently sitting and waiting for me to come pick him up and bring him home!

Pawsh is open Monday to Saturday from 10am to 5:30pm. For popular Saturday grooming appointments, Pawsh recommends booking at least one week in advance.


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