Vancouver Designer Spotlight: Sancha – In the Name of Jewelry, Fashion, and Love

“It’s not just a drop in the bucket.  Its the chance to participate in change. It’s the opportunity to share the message. It’s all about the love. Love Love.”

By Eudora Koh, Modern Mix Vancouver writer

Last week, I was among a fashionable, artistic and elegant crowd at Hawksworth Restaurant for the unveiling of Sancha Jewelry’s latest and greatest, the Love Love Project, which has generated buzz for its initiative to help create positive change in the world. Love Love allows and encourages consumers to wear uniquely hand-crafted jewelry pieces not only in the name of fashion and style, but also in love and goodness.

The goal of Love Love is to bring awareness to and raise funds for international water related crises around the world, through sales of the jewelry and the discussion that emerges from it. At this particular time, all profits from Love Love sales will be donated to Oxfam Canada to raise money for the drought in East Africa. As for the pieces in the Love Love Project, there are three in the collection—a bangle, a necklace and a pendant—each is handmade in copper, a natural element noted as a positive conductor of energy, and all pieces are available in tarnished or rose gold copper.

The designer behind it all is the radiant and very talented Sancha Tatlock. Sancha Jewelry features Canadian hand-crafted designs featuring many raw and organic materials such as gemstones, crystals, antique relics and precious jewels, all of which Sancha believes has their own power as natural elements. Sancha explained to me that her designs have been inspired by her love for nature and the wilderness, both in which she was surrounded while growing up as a child.

Combine that passion for nature with an attraction to reading French fashion magazines, and that epitomizes Sancha’s bohemian childhood.  Sancha also has a love for water and the ocean, inspiring some of her other collections, such as Resort, which consists of sea shell designs and turquoise-blue tones. Speaking specifically to the Love Love Project, Sancha says “The Love Love Project was inspired by the work of Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto who studied water’s response to positive and negative emotions”.

Currently, Love Love Project pieces, as well as selections of Sancha’s current and permanent collections, are available at these independent Vancouver boutiques: Dream, Little Dream, Spill It Sister, Body Politic, Tenth & Proper, and Dr. Vigari Gallery. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, consider purchasing some jewelry for your loved ones while supporting a fashionably worthy cause, all in the name of Love Love. For more information (including price points and how to purchase online) about Love Love Project and to view its entire collection along with Sancha’s other collections, visit the website:


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