Bel Café (801 West Georgia) – now open

BC-based artisan coffee and fresh-baked pastries.  Fresh and delicious sandwiches.  Confectionary delights for your sweet tooth. Inspired by the boulangeries (bakeries) of Paris, Bel Café (801 West Georgia St.) is the newest addition to the Rosewood Hotel Georgia.    “By providing a truly equal focus on all aspects of the café experience, Bel Café will strive to elevate the coffee scene in Vancouver,” says Nathan Gilmore, manager of Bel Cafe.  His goal to create enjoyable, memorable experiences through the pairing of high-quality artisan coffee with equally high-quality food. “The café has a unique ability to be many different things to many different people, all at the same time.

Bel Cafe has a clean and modern feel, with high backed cushioned benches, a cool blue and brown color scheme, and just enough natural light to give the cafe an airy openess, but dark enough for an intimate conversation.  Stopping by for a quick nibble, I had a sweet, creamy macaroon to go. I’m looking forward to revisiting and properly sitting down for SPOT tea or 49th Parallel coffee and fully submersing myself into the Parisian cafe experience Bel Café.
has to offer.

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