Thomas Sabo Charm Club – MMV Giveaway for Fall/Winter 2011

Earlier this year, international jewelry retailer Thomas Sabo launched its first shop in Vancouver (its 4th in Canada) at Oakridge Centre.  Best known for its sterling silvery jewelry pieces, one of the more youthful collections is the Thomas Sabo Charm Club.  I’ve always beem a fan of the versitility of charms as a jewelry accessory.  I like how you are able to pick and choose and customize your jewelry with your own choice of charms, and choose charms based on their meaning and significance to you.  Within the Thomas Sabo Charm Club collection, there’s also a diverse range of bracelets, necklaces and watches for you to wear your charms on.  I like the plain simpleness of the sterling silver chain bracelet (see images below), but you can also purchase bracelets made of pearls or silk or beads.

Here are some highlights from their Fall/Winter 2011 collection:

Pearls for Girls: Love the simple black enamel, sterling silver and pearl combination on these charms.  All the charms in this collection are dainty and lady-like, with charms including black-tipped ballet flats, the Eiffle Tower with a pearl adornment, a handbags, bow and ring.

Falling in Love in Fall: This collection is more festive with shades of autumn – red and orange enamel highlighting symbollic charms like a smiling jack-o-lantern and different variety of leaves; some adorned with jewels and others left in plain sterling silver.


Nature Loves Elegance Too: Pick one of these animal-themed charms for yourself or one of your pet-loving friends.  The charms in the collection range from sterling silver felines to more exotic animals like pandas and penguins.


MMV Contest:  Modern Mix Vancouver is giving away THREE sets of a trio of Thomas Sabo Charm Club charms from their Fall/Winter 2011 collection.  Leave a comment below telling me why you want to win a trio of charms from the Thomas Sabo Charm Club fall/winter 2011 collection.  THREE random winners will be chosen from the comments below.  Please be sure to leave your email address so we can contact you if you’re a winner.  This contest is open to Canadian postal mailing addresses only.   Contest ends on Friday November 25th (noon PST).

To up your odds with additional entries, you can do the following things;

  • For a second entry: Follow @ModernMixVan on Twitter and tweet “I want to win a set of @ThomasSaboCDN F/W 2011 charms from @ModernMixVan. RT to enter!
  • For a third entry: “Like” the Modern Mix Vancouver Page on Facebook and post on the wall “I want to win a set of charms from the Thomas Sabo Fall/Winter 2011 collection from Modern Mix Vancouver!

Charm sets in the giveaway will include at least one of the following charms:

For more information about Thomas Sabo Canada:


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  1. I would like to win this because it would go very well with a lot of autumn pieces that i have bought lately =) Thanks!

  2. I would love to win a trio of charms from the Thomas Sabo Charm Club fall/winter 2011 collection because I think they are simply wonderfully beautiful. I’ve always loved charms on bracelets but have never had my own to love and cherish. Also my birthday just passed so it would be such a great present.

  3. I have a charm bracelet from my younger days. I would love to win the high heel shoe. It would go with my other charms.

  4. I would love to win these charms. Have always wanted a charm bracelet but I have never known where/how to start it. This would be the perfect prize to kick start this wish! Thanks.

  5. I would love to win a trio of charms from the Thomas Sabo Charm Club fall/winter 2011 collection because I have always wanted my own charm bracelet…I especially love the cat-woman mask charm super cute! Pick Me Please <3

  6. When my daughter-in-law graduated from vet school in Saskatchewan-she’s a horse vet here in the lower Mainland- I boutght her a Thomas Sabo bracelet and various horsey and boating charms. she has been such a great support through my husband’s 2 year cancer support I’d love to repay her with more charms.

  7. I want to win a Thomas Sabo Charm so I can give them to my boss for her birthday! She loves loves loves Thomas Sabo! She is a very selfless woman, and always gives me such lovely gifts for my birthday…I would love to hook her up with more charms!

  8. It is new to me and you have made a fan for life.It would be a great heirloom pass to give to my daughter .she would always have her mom with her It is so personable and each persons unique I want to get a bracelet for Christmas now Lol Wonderful Lorie

  9. I just love anything from Thomas Sabo! I just started my collection last week I bought the bracelet and also a Penguin charm. I love how versatile it all is my next purchase will be a chain I understand that I can 3 charms.

  10. I would love to win Thomas Sabo jewelery so that I could give it to my seven-year old granddaughter. One of these pieces would be a beautiful start to her jewelery collection.

  11. First time introduced to this brand, and just the bracelets itself attracted me for 2 minutes!

    They are beautiful masterpieces & it would be awesome to have. Will definitely wear it to all my events and share this joy with friends for the holiday season! =)

  12. I had a charm braclet as a teen and have been looking into getting my grandaughter one. i though for her birthday this year was a good time to start. I love your charms

  13. I would love to win these charms. I love charm bracelets and have several. These are beautiful and I would love to own them. Thanks for the great contest!

  14. I want to win a trio of charms from the Thomas Sabo Charm Club fall/winter 2011 collection because they look very stylish

  15. I would so love to win one for my daughter! She is 8 and spent saved allowances buying a charm bracelet and charms from a store in Granville (her only souvenier from her visit to Vancouver)… and got the most horrible rash! She was devestated! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to replace it with one even more beautiful. Thank you for the opportunity!.

  16. I really think I should win because I live in a very small town and we really don’t have the opportunity to purchase beautiful pieces like these.
    brendawitherspoon at hotmail dot com

  17. “Liked” the Modern Mix Vancouver Page on Facebook and commented
    brendawitherspoon at hotmail dot com

  18. I would Love these for my daughter, they really add a personal touch to jewelry, with what you are interested in, like etc….

  19. I would love to win a trio of charms from the Thomas Sabo Charm Club fall/winter 2011 collection. Last year I started a journey in loosing weight, I’m doing well but I’ve been thinking of a suitable reward or motivation, after alot of thinking I decided to get a charm bracelet, each time I lose 10 pounds I buy my self a charm. Winning these charms would be a great addition to my bracelet as money is tight and I’ve missed a few. Please pick me!

  20. I would love to win a trio of charms because I absolutely love thomas sabo! Unfortunately I have never seen one of the stores because I don’t live anywhere close to one. I drool over them in my elle canada book all the time though.

  21. I just gave my granddaughter one of these charms for her birthday, she was thrilled so more would be very welcome. They are so cute and well made it really is a super gift.

  22. I would so love to win this for my lovely granddaughter. We live quite a distance away from each other and it breaks my heart that I can not see her as often as I wish. I know she would love this. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win. What a lovely piece.

  23. Liked and message posted on the Modern Mix Vancouver Page on Facebook. (Jeannette Naylor Laframboise)

  24. Three generations of women will be celebrating Christmas at my house: My 81 year old mom, myself, and my 30 year old daughter. Each of us would greatly appreciate having a set of these beautiful charms.

  25. I have one of the older type charm bracelets with lots of charms given to me by my husband of 31 years. It would be great to get some modern ones. That would make it nicer to give to my daughter one day.

  26. I love charm bracelets. They are so lively and fun. These would be wonderful to win and would make nice gifts.

  27. My grandma has osteoporosis and uses a walker, she also has Alzheimers.Because of the pain and mental confusion she rarely goes out or even talks to old friends. She seems to enjoy little gifts that the family buys her. She’s never had a charm bracelet and I’m sure it would bring smiles to her face.

  28. I would love to give one of your charm braclets to my granddaughter. I started a charm braclet when I was her age and still have it. There are all sorts of memories attached to each one of the charms.

  29. Since I was young, I’ve adored charmed bracelets. I’ve purchased a few relatively inexpensive ones, yet have never forked out enough cash to purchase a stunning piece. I would be stoked and honored to wear the Thomas Sabo Charm bracelet!

  30. I love Thomas Sabo charms!!! I would love to win!!!! 🙂 It would be an awesome birthday gift for me!!! 😉

  31. After 6 years of marriage you know I have YET to receive an anniversary gift? These charms would be what I would like…and if hubby won’t buy them, I’ll get them myself! 😀

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