American Apparel – Warehouse Sale (November 10 to 15, 2011)

Best known for its unbranded basic clothing pieces in an assorted rainbow of colours, American Apparel is having a warehouse sale at the Vancouver Convention Centre from Thursday November 10th to the 15th between 9am to 9pm.

The last time I went to an American Apparel “rummage sale” (read about it here) was two years ago at the PNE.  All I remember is a long line up that went around the building and younger hipster kids who probably skipped school to attend the sale!  If it was anything like last time, the “normal” basics are grabbed really quickly and you’re left with unpopular colours.  Might be worth a look though, let me know if you decide to go!

Update: So I went on Saturday afternoon to check out the American Apparel Warehouse Sale and I was pleasantly surprised by how massive yet organized the sale was.  All the items were arranged in wide rows, organized by style and colour. There were big signs overhead pointing down to and clearly labelling each of the sections.  Prices were decent – in general most things were about 40%-ish percent off.  If you’re an American Apparel fan, I’m confident you won’t leave with empty hands.


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  1. I was so excited to go and get a bunch of stuff when I got there at 9 am today but nothing surprised me. I was actually really excited when they said that this sale is up to 90% off but everything wasn’t that cheap and all outdated at least a couple years ago. This disappointed me a lot, even a plain basic t-shirt was $20!! I then went to Hollister at Pacific Centre, the deal was even better and the quality of course was much much better!

    Did anyone else that went feel the same way I felt today or did they manage to get a whole bunch of stuff? :p

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