Timeraiser 2011 – the results are in

In September, the Vancouver Timeraiser had 275+ attendees at its 4th annual event.  The event’s basic premise is that attendees bid on the work of local artists in a silent auction, but instead of spending dollars, they are to pledge volunteer hours over the next year to receive the artwork.

This year’s event was in a much more intimate location at the Waldorf Hotel.  Two main rooms showcased local artists’ work, among booths of non-profit organizations seeking skilled volunteers to support their cause.  As I had already won artwork the previous year, I wasn’t able to bid again this year.  That being said, I spent most of my time chatting to other attendees and I was most interested to find out why they were at Timeraiser.  For some, their reason was because of a love of art combined with a sense of community. For others, they were directly involved with the organization (an artist, a non-profit worker, a volunteer), or a +1 of a previous Timeraiser winner.

There was no doubt, however, that the resounding theme for why guests attended this year’s Timeraiser, was for Timeraiser’s innovative “win-win-win” scenario.  A win for the emerging artists who are paid fair market value for their artwork, a win for the non-profit agencies who can connect with enthusiastic volunteers, as well a win for the attendees, who have a chance to get a piece of artwork while volunteering for a cause they are passionate about.

The results are in! Here are some key highlights from the event:

  • Over 275 people attended and 150 people made a pledge to get involved in the community
  • 18 of the 19 pieces of artwork went for the maximum bid of 100 hours
  • 4,340 volunteer hours were pledged, 24% of which were pledged by artwork winners
  • 75+ community and corporate leaders were in attendance
  • 27 non-profit agencies seeking skilled volunteers were in attendance
  • $13,000 was invested in the careers of emerging and mid-career Vancouver-based artists
See you next year at the 5th Annual Vancouver Timeraiser!

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