“Inside” – a Social Film Experience

intel_toshiba_inside_filmposterChristina (played by Emmy Rossum of The Day After Tomorrow) is a tough, resilient, 24-year old girl. She’s been trapped in a room. She has a Toshiba laptop. And she needs your help to get out. But this is no ordinary Hollywood film, this is a completely new genre of live film entertainment where your interaction with social media will affect the film’s plot in real-time and (hopefully) help her escape.

In the meantime, until July 20th, you can audition for a cameo role in “Inside” by uploading your audition to Youtube. The guidelines on the website are very clear – you’ll be playing the character of a concerned friend or stranger. They even have script options for your to choose from. For more information and your chance to audition for a cameo in the movie, check out The Inside Experience. The event begins on Monday July 25th at 11am PST.


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